Buds, bands, and other fun stuff

We’ve already given you the lowdown on what Best Friends Day is all about. Now let’s take a look at what you can expect from this weekend’s festivities. NOTE: It includes nachos. A great big plate of ’em.

Live Review: The Swell Season @ Toad’s Place (05.16)

Few watched this year’s Academy Awards without taking note of Once stars Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. So, when these two immense talents were scheduled to play in Richmond’s own Toad’s Place (performing under the moniker of The Swell Season) I knew I had to be there.

New Venues, New Music, New Bands..?

Finally The National is set to open! Until then, cool you heels with some great (good?) live music this week.

Rowdy crowds at Toads show no Southern charm

A weekend full of reasons to reconsider my feelings about my fellow Richmonders.

Writing About Something You Love Can Be Really Hard.

Luckily there is more going on in town than the Cephalic Carnage show. Do you even know what the word Cephalic means? I had to look it up.

Grim News, A Distorted Release, & A Legendary Clan

We’re finally through the dreaded season of no new music. While the decision is understandable, it still hurts a bit as a music lover to be forced into exile during the holidays.

2007: Kinda Surprisingly Good

Open your ears to 2k7’s best music, jackass.

Lots of Boys, Even Rancid Ones

The content of this article is less creepy than the title, I swear.

Greatest Hits & Illegal Downloads: Not Good Gifts!

Even if you love crappy music, it’s not an excuse to give crappy gifts.

Stuffed and Listening

Action Patrol, Paramore, and Justin Timberlake(!). Things to buy and hear around town.