Being interviewed by a kindergartener

What happens when a kindergarten class interviews Sam Davies about living, working, and playing in the City of Richmond? Cuteness, insights, and lots of note-taking.

Learning to knock: What neighborliness is like for kids these days

Back in our day, we’d etc. etc. It’s a different world now!

All the good things: What’s best about parenting

Parenting is hard—or so everyone says. Sam Davies is here to remind us that it’s also really, really easy.

Growing up as a parent

Sam Davies reflects on how much work his kids used to be. Now, like, throw them in the car, be on your way.

Unemployed dad and the kids who love him

Well, Sam Davies lost his job. And his kids kind of don’t really care! Turns out kids are barely aware of that part of your life!

Being a public dad

The inner struggles of someone who writes about his kids for all to read.

How chill is too chill and am I that chill?

Type B parenting is still OK, right?

Too much togetherness: Thoughts on treating cabin fever

Why is being trapped indoors with your family so dang hard? You love them, yes?

LEGO your conscious mind: Zoning out with kids

Sam Davies and his daughter get lost in the mindless, repetitive world of LEGO, and it feels pretty awesome.

Feral Man-Child: One day without my family

It didn’t go super well.