Photos: Behind the scenes at Richmond Ballet’s Nutcracker

The Nutcracker! It’s about the only time when we’re excited to see a rat king. Take a look at some of these behind the scenes photos and get in the mood. Performances continue through December 26th, so there’s still time to see the spectacle first hand.

Ahhh! DRAGON(boat)S!

A couple weeks ago the waters of the James River were infested with dragons–dragons carrying a dozen or so humans all racing for GLORY. Here’s our (somewhat belated) pics!

Photos: Bon Iver

On Saturday Bon Iver played, what was by all accounts, an incredible show in Richmond. If you missed it and are gently crying in your desk chair, we’ve got pics for you. Hey, it’s not as good as being there, but at least it is something.

Photos: Debunking the great myth of Richmond recycling

Related Debunking the great myth of Richmond recycling

PHOTOS: The Virginia Derby

Last Saturday was the 14th running of the $600,000 Virginia Derby, held annually at Colonial Downs. 12 horses raced the Derby’s 1-1/4 mile track. Thousands of racing fans were on hand to watch the several races that day, take part in festivities, and to witness the winning horse, Air Support, take this year’s Derby title. Several of these fans adorned some, um…interesting headwear.

Photos: RVA Fireworks on the James

Were you one of the thousands of people that had the foresight to fill your fireworks quota on Sunday rather than wait, soggily, until Monday? If you missed it here some photos of what we hope will become Richmond’s newest annual tradition.

I’m gonna hit the head

From the gross to the beautiful to the down right bizarre, the bathroom is vastly underappreciated as a source of visual stimuli. We set out to give the lavatory the respect it deserves from some of Richmond’s most interesting little boys’ and little girls’ rooms.

Photos: Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery, a historic African-American cemetery that has been abandoned in the East End. One of Richmond’s most compelling sites.


The Facebook simply says: “Glowsticks, Ballons, ballon drop … performers and more!” What more could there even be? We sent our photographer to find out. Continue…if you dare.

Photos: Richmond’s Blue Valentine

Photos from one of Richmond’s only remaining video rental stores, The Fan Video.