The Rundown: RVA’s active events for June 2016

The mud has dried and it’s time to hit the road again. 

The Rundown: RVA’s Active Events for May 2016

Just go ahead and sleep in your running shoes so that you can be extra ready at all times.

The Rundown: RVA’s active events for April 2016

5ks, 10ks, color runs, fun runs, triathlons, relays, races with dogs…our feet already hurt, man.

The Rundown: RVA’s active events for March 2016

Ah, March. We’re starting to thaw out and the weekends are filled up with plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs after a long winter’s rest.

If, and only if, the shoe fits: Getting professional advice on your running footwear

You absolutely, 100% must get your gait analyzed if you’re going to be a runner. We’re concerned about the health of your feet, ankles, and knees, dude.

The Rundown: RVA’s active events for Winter 2016

Sure, you’ll over-indulge over the next couple of weeks, but that’s OK, because signing up for a January/February race now will alleviate all that annoying guilt.

It wasn’t easy to be the 1st female Boston Marathoner

Kathrine Switzer changed the perception of women in athletics, and inspires thousands. This Friday, you can hear her speak for yourself, if you’re the type that likes being inspired, that is.

The Rundown: RVA’s active events for Fall 2015, Part 2

Body movin’, body movin’, we be getting down and you know we’re fall groovin’. Cycling, family runs, turkey trots, charity, and a TON of doughnuts.

The September/October Rundown: RVA’s active events

Ah, Richmond—the home of never ending festivals and thankfully, a steady stream of active events to help you work off some of the festival food and libations! The Big Bike Race™ isn’t the only race in town!