PHOTOS: Even more riverrock photos!

Here’s every single photo we took at this past weekend’s riverrock–all 178 of them. Get ready for a ton of photos!

PHOTOS: Dominion Riverrock

Over 65,000 people attended this year’s Dominion Riverrock festival. Because of that number, the three-day outdoor sports and river life event, held annually on Brown’s Island and Historic Tredegar, has now become the largest outdoor sports and music festival in the country. Here are photos from this year’s event

PHOTOS: the best of Fionnuala Bradley

We sent out our spring photography intern, Fionnuala Bradley, on a variety of assignments throughout the city. Not only did she provide us with spectacular photographs, but she was a great addition to our team. Fionnuala is graduating VCU later this month. We are sorry we have to say goodbye.

PHOTOS: Inside Light Tape

Light Tape is one of the coolest Richmond companies that you’ve never heard of. Based right in Scott’s Addition, Light Tape makes the electroluminescent product that lit up the costume in the recent Tron: Legacy movie. It’s pretty awesome stuff! Related At the speed of light: the bright future of Light Tape

PHOTOS: “Found”

Tens of thousands of people walk the streets and sidewalks of the city every day. Most of us pay little attention to what we see while doing so. Our photographer, on the other hand, decided to document what she saw while ambling around town for the past several months. As you will see, there are both ordinary and extraordinary things lying at our feet on any given day.

PHOTOS: Legend Brewery

This Saturday is the Virginia Cask Festival. The first ever event, held in downtown’s Capital Ale House Music Hall, will showcase ten casks of ale provided by Virginia breweries. One of the featured breweries is Richmond’s own Legend Brewing Co. To get you into the beer drinking mood, here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of the local brewery.

76 photos from the RVA Street Art Festival

If you missed this weekend’s RVA Street Art Festival, here’s an incredibly comprehensive look at the art and activity.

PHOTOS: RVA Street Art Festival

This past weekend was the RVA Street Art Festival. National and local artists used the Floodwall as their canvas, painting unique visuals, and interacting with the public all the while. Here are a few photos from last weekend’s event.

PHOTOS: Easter on Parade

Thousands of Richmonders crowded Monument Avenue to take part in this year’s Easter on Parade event. Costumes, fancy hats, and dogs (and dogs with fancy hats!) were on display as far as the eye could see.

PHOTOS: Murals of the G40 Summit

The annual G40 Summit is now underway throughout the city. Celebrating the “Art of the Mural,” here’s a collection of murals both finished and in progress that you’ll see around town.