Cheese: Meeting an idol

After a brief hiatus, our food artisans series is back! Here Ellwood Thompson’s cheesemonger, Dany Schute, tells us about meeting one of her cheese idols, Herve Mons.

Cheese: Playing favorites

Our food artisans series is back as we force Ellwood Thompson’s cheesemonger, Dany Schutte, to do something akin to a mother owning up to favorite child: picking a favorite cheese. Read on to learn more about her pick.

Cheese: How I got here

Welcome to a new series on RVANews where some of Richmond’s greatest food artisans share what they love about what they do. In this first installment, cheesemonger Dany Schutte gives a firsthand account of how she found herself in Ellwood Thompson’s Indulge Department.