Virginians, here’s where to go to write your Great American Novel

Is one of your summer goals to abandon friends and family to write a novel?

Our House: The Power Pad and the Glory, Or When It’s Time to Level Up

We publish a lot of content for parents, but what about parents-to-be-to-be? As in, those who have not yet started the process and are not sure if they want to quit playing Donkey Kong long enough to.

Our House: Life on the compound, or why I’ve chosen to live very, very close to my extended family

Catherine Baab-Muguira’s house backs right up to her brother’s. And she likes her little compound just fine.

Facebook High: On social networks and why I’m not going to the reunion

When the invitation arrived in my inbox, I was expecting it. I say, “expecting it,” when I really mean that I was deeply, deeply freaked. Had I really been out of high school ten years, and if so, how come I’d accomplished not much at all? But, doctorate or no, I had no desire to attend a reunion.