A shameful chapter in Virginia history: Lynchings

A recent report has shed light on how common lynchings were in the South. Between 1877 and 1950, there were 4,075 “racial terror lynchings” in the region, including about 90 in Virginia, according to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Tangier Island may vanish under rising seas

Tangier Island represents a way of life that has otherwise disappeared. Scientists say that soon, the island itself will disappear as sea levels rise.

Lawmakers reconvene for veto session

Virginia legislators will return to the state Capitol on Wednesday to consider whether to uphold or override Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s vetoes and recommendations of legislation passed during their 2016 session.

“It’s Time to Act,” says co-founder of Black Lives Matter

A co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement agrees that all lives matter—but she says it’s important to recognize that African-Americans in particular have been marginalized by American society.

McAuliffe vetoes bill to defund Planned Parenthood

Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday vetoed anti-abortion legislation that would have cut off state funding to Planned Parenthood’s six Virginia health centers, which provide care to more than 22,000 men and women each year.

JRA and Dominion reach a coal ash settlement!

The two sides have each decided to do a thing, and maybe everybody wins?

Bill to defund Planned Parenthood passes House and Senate

In an 21–19 vote along party lines, the Senate approved a bill yesterday to prohibit the Virginia Department of Health from funding Planned Parenthood and other groups that provide abortions.

McAuliffe vetoes legislation that would have thwarted Clean Power Plan

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce and 166 other business organizations are supporting a lawsuit challenging the federal government’s Clean Power Plan. Tuesday, Gov. McAuliffe vetoed legislation that would have made it really hard for federal emissions rules to be implemented.

8 arrested in protest against Dominion

Eight people were arrested for trespassing on the Capitol steps Saturday, following a rowdy march of environmental activists against Dominion Power’s plans to release treated water from coal ash ponds into the James River.

Senate kills bill legalizing fireworks sales in Virginia

It was just a pipe dream for some (possibly reckless) fireworks fans.