Five not-to-miss acts at the Folk Festival

This year’s Folk Festival features some incredible music! Here’s our picks of what not to miss.

Run for your Life: how yoga taught me to run with myself

It wasn’t until I starting caring for and accepting myself on the yoga mat that I started caring for and accepting myself on the trails.

Don’t Speak: musicality

This is the first in a series of articles from Bryan Hooten, a Richmond-based trombonist, composer and music educator, that seek to streamline the way people, musicians and non-musicians included, talk about music.

VCU presents pianist Fred Hersch

VCU Music is hosting pianist Fred Hersch for a residency in April, which will culminate in his performance with the VCU Jazz Orchestra I on April 12. Director of VCU Jazz Studies Antonio Garcia chatted with adjunct trombone instructor Bryan Hooten about what we can expect.

Second City Slider

Chicago-based trombonist Jeb Bishop and his trio perform at The Camel on Friday alongside No BS! Brass.

Slide and seek: eighth blackbird is it

University of Richmond’s artists-in-residence eighth blackbird step out of their chamber music setting for a bit to take part in a fascinating multimedia exploration of the seduction and manipulation of the American psyche. (Ticket giveaway inside!)

Trio of Justice: Without hesitation

The other day, I ambushed Trio of Justice (formerly R2DToo), a relatively new band comprised of Reggie Pace, Reginald Chapman, and Devonne Harris, after one of their rehearsals. In an exclusive video interview, they all speak with the same humor, spontaneity and sophistication that inspire their music.

Tim Berne: RVAJazzfest Featured Performer

Tim Berne is the featured performer for the second annual RVAJazzfest. In as few words as possible, he chimes in on his early records, his career as a perpetual bandleader, his love/hate relationship with the New York Knicks and what he thinks of Richmond.

A serving of SPAM, courtesy of eighth blackbird

“Always entertaining, sometimes shocking, often just plain weird,” the Grammy Award winning ensemble eighth blackbird is examining the relationship between rock and new classical this week at the Modlin Center. Tim Munro explains why their performance of SPAM, by Mark Mellits, contains moments of musical genius (and no moments of processed meat).

Framing the Void: IV

Sing or hum your favorite tune, or any tune for that matter – even a tune you hate. What kinds of sensations do you experience? What words come to mind? Now read on to find out where this is going…