City reduces parking options for remainder of Redskins camp

Training camp started with nearly 4,000 spaces. Now the City has cut them to just over 2,300. On the plus side, you can now reserve a spot online.

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Update #1 — August 1, 2013; 7:12 AM

The City announced on Wednesday it has removed select parking locations designated for the Washington Redskins summer training camp. The most notable elimination are 1,000 spaces at City Stadium, which offered visitors shuttle service to and from the training center.

At the start of camp, the City provided 3,990 parking spaces for visitors. But the removal of the City Stadium lot, as well as lots at 923 N. Meadow and 937 Meyers Street, trim the number of spaces to 2,315.

“A review of our operations since the beginning of Training Camp has led to a revision in our plans for parking lot use and shuttle services,” said Lynne Lancaster of the Department of Public Works. “We are able to scale back on some lots and to redirect resources to those lots that we believe will gain the most usage.”

Here are the current parking locations, available for the remainder of training camp from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM, along with their number of available spaces:

Also, fans may now go online and reserve parking in advance.

On Saturday, the City expects upward of 25,000 attendees for Fan Appreciation Day. In addition to the three parking lots listed above, the City has secured additional parking locations for fans on that day. Here they are with their corresponding number of spaces:

Shuttle service will be provided from both the VCU and VUU lots on Fan Appreciation Day.

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Original — June 26, 2013

To accommodate the 2,500 fans expected daily at the Washington Redskins summer training facility this summer during camp, the City has announced parking locations at various sites near the training facility.

Redskins camp parking will cost $5 at all sites, or $7 if visitors opt for a round-trip shuttle. Expected parking sites and number of anticipated available spaces are:

Organizers anticipate that Fan Appreciation Day on August 3rd will draw approximately 25,000 people. The City will use these additional lots to accommodate crowds that day:

The Redskins training camp runs from July 25th – August 16th.

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Nathan Cushing

Nathan Cushing is a writer, journalist, and RVANews Editor.

3 comments on City reduces parking options for remainder of Redskins camp

  1. Scott Burger on said:

    Re: Redskin’s Training Center Evaluation

    Dear Ms. Ferrara,

    Better Government Richmond received your June 4th email to C. Wayne Taylor responding to our questions about the oversight of the Redskin’s Training Camp and its actual economic impact on the City of Richmond. In that email you stated:

    Our plan is to begin collecting data that will better inform us on the economic impact of the training camp, and we envision utilizing the following methodologies:
    • Surveys
    • Website traffic
    • Retail Sales receipts
    • Meals taxes
    • Hotel taxes
    • Baseline real estate values
    • Parking Data

    For many reasons we believe it is very important to accurately assess the economic and social impact of this project, both in year one and succeeding years. Comprehensive information is needed to both review the investment already made by the City and to analyze the decision making process that led to that investment to better inform the City’s future decisions. Since the City has recently announced its parking plan for the Camp and because the Camp starts in 30 days, we hope and expect that the City has finalized its plans for data collection related to the economic impact of the Camp.

    Therefore, we request that the City provide the public with the details of the methodologies you referred to in your email. The public should be told what data will be collected, how it will be collected, who will collect it and why it will be collected. We also ask that the City define how it will share the collected data so that the public has the ability to analyze the data in ways it feels are appropriate.

    Along with the information requested above, we ask the City to provide the public with the details of its management plan for the Camp vicinity and city services during the training period.

    We also request the City to provide the public with the accounting plan and list of public expenses associated with the City’s management plan and support services for the training period (Impact assessment costs, public parking and transportation costs, security costs, traffic and crowd management costs, etc.).

    We also have a question about the attendance projections. In the City’s press release on the parking plan, attendance numbers of 2,500 per day and 25,000 for Fan Appreciation Day were predicted, which equals 65,000 total attendees. This total is significantly lower than the 100,000 number that City Administration officials and the Redskins’ website have been using since last year. Is the City revising its estimate for attendees?

    Thank you for your time and attention to our information requests.

    Sincerely yours,

    Board of Directors
    Better Government Richmond
    Better Government – US LLC
    By: C. Wayne Taylor, Secretary
    Copy: Councilor Hilbert, Press

  2. Matthew Miller on said:

    Any plans on how the City plans to keep visitors from parking on the streets of local neighborhoods so residents are not adversely impacted? Big issues when you consider the situation paying $5 to park several miles away at City Stadium lot versus free and 2 blocks away on Broad and West Grace Street

  3. Steve on said:

    This seems a bit odd to me since the biggest crowds are expected on Saturday. Why not wait until after Fan Appreciation Day to reduce parking and services?

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