Obama returns to RVA this weekend, Rudy Giuliani will visit Henrico

Virginia is important for Obama and Romney to win this fall, so it’s no surprise that both candidate’s campaigns have scheduled high-profile visits to the Richmond area later this week.


The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that President Barack Obama will visit Henrico County on Saturday. He will hold a small event at Walkerton Tavern and Gardens in Glen Allen. Free tickets will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 5:00 PM today at these locations:

Henrico OFA Office
2720 Enterprise Parkway Suite 103 Henrico, VA 23294

Richmond OFA Office
408 E. Main Street Richmond, VA 23219

On Friday, Obama will visit Fire Station No. 1 in Roanoke and Green Run High School in Virginia Beach. The president last visited the area on May 5th at VCU’s Siegel Center.

President Obama’s opponent, Mitt Romney, participated in his first Virginia talk radio interview, appearing yesterday on “The John Fredericks Radio Show” based in Hampton Roads. On Thursday, former New York City mayor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani will lead a “Veterans for Romney” event in Hampton Roads at 2:00 PM. Friday morning, the former NYC mayor will join Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling for the opening of a Romney campaign office in Henrico County.

Virginia is an important state for both candidates. The Commonwealth’s 13 electoral votes will help push either candidate to victory this fall.

photo by Leah Small

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Nathan Cushing

Nathan Cushing is a writer, journalist, and RVANews Editor.

6 comments on Obama returns to RVA this weekend, Rudy Giuliani will visit Henrico

  1. Glen Allen on said:

    Any person who votes again for Obama has a mental disorder!!! this guy has divided this country, and has done more to destroy the USA then any President in history….I challenge any Obama voter to explain why he should be re-elected? What has he done to make your life better? If you enjoy high unemployment and living off government hand outs while illegals get to flood our country and take our jobs, like paying higher prices for gas and food, and like the fact Obamacare has given us the largest tax increase in history go see Barry Obama in Glen Allen this Saturday. America better wake up, get off the sofa, put down the beer can and turn off the game on TV, its time for real change in Washington DC, Obama must be voted out of office in 2012.

  2. Scott on said:
  3. CSB on said:

    Glen Allen has been watching too much Fox “Faux” News!

  4. JCF on said:

    Gen Allen would believe the earth is flat, but I must said that people like Glen Allen would vote against their own interest to see the Repub take away people rights for healthcare,voting rights, social security and all senior programs or just privatizes everything, Thank God for President “”OBAMA””

  5. bopst on said:

    Glen Allen’s name should be chicken little.

  6. EB on said:

    4 MORE YEARS!!! Go Obama!! Glen Allen let’s move FORWARD!!

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