Dueling food truck courts announce new locations

RVA’s food truck court has announced new locations and times, while one of its prominent food trucks has severed ties and launched a competing operation.


Last week, Boka Truck announced it would leave the GrowRVA stable of food trucks. Boka’s owner, Patrick Harris, will now start his own food truck court and will continue using the foodtruckcourt.com site. The new Harris-led operation will move to 2512 E. Main Street every Tuesday and Friday evening. That food truck court will also continue operating at Chesterfield Towne Center on Wednesday evenings and Hardywood on Thursday evenings.

Beginning this month, the GrowRVA Food Truck Court will move from the Virginia Historical Society and pop up at various locations and times:

  • Second Tuesdays — Science Museum of Virginia
  • First Fridays — St. Paul’s Jazz and More, Visual Arts Center First Friday Sampler, GrowRVA First Friday Market at Quirk Gallery
  • Third Fridays — Science Museum of Virginia

The trucks will also be at the Visual Arts Center every Wednesday and Friday. Finally, the food trucks will make a one-time stop at the Robinson Theater Community Art Center in Church Hill on Friday, September 14th.

If you’re keeping track, that’s at least one food truck court every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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5 comments on Dueling food truck courts announce new locations

  1. Dionne on said:

    Should be Boka, not Boca. Takos for your MOUF! :-)

  2. It’s a shame they are no longer at Historical Society. What a boom for the ‘hood!

  3. I think Boca is taking a good thing and trying to control and manage it for their own gain, making them less concerned about other vendors and the city and more concerned with themselves their greasy tacos, bad service, and poor attitude.

  4. Boka is at all of our events.

  5. I love the trucks, but hate the noise caused by the generators. Isn’t there another way to provide that power? When I come to the Court, I want to be able to talk to wife and friends, not have to compete with generators and loudspeakers.

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