Brian Jones’ Musicircus

Last Thursday night, the annual Brian Jones’ Musicircus took place at the Visual Arts Center.

Last Thursday, the Brian Jones Musicircus took over The Visual Arts Center on Main Street. After several years of electric amplification and instruments, the Musicircus went all acoustic. The result was quieter and even more enjoyable. The annual event curated by Brian Jones and inspired by John Cage offers an opportunity to seamlessly listen to multiple groups while walking around a building. Imagine hearing Marcus Tenney in one room, SCUO upstairs and a solo guitarist under the stairs while the sounds of a street percussionist echo everywhere.

Brian Cruse and Roland Karnatz from quux collective

The event featured many diverse musical acts including Jason Scott & Kevin Johnson, a street percussionist, Brian Jones with Winn, Ralston, Pharr and Pollard, a Gamelan music ensemble and many more.

Rex Richardson and Bryan Hooten

Walkthrough #1:

Devonne Harris, Andrew Randazzo, Marcus Tenney and David Hood

Walkthrough #2:

Scott Burton and Scott Clark from Scuo

Gamelan Music:

Matt Coyle

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Aaron Williams

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5 comments on Brian Jones’ Musicircus

  1. Great idea with the walk throughs.

  2. I am a little curious as to how I missed the Toby Whitaker big band, I didn’t see them anywhere. Checkout walk through no. 1

  3. Who is that band at the beginning of walkthrough #1 playing that afro-cuban thing?

  4. irishjazz on said:

    I missed Toby’s thing too… sounds great on the walkthrough.

  5. Aaron Williams on said:


    I got a little mixed up copying the code!

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