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Charles Samuels

  • Education: Collegiate School, Richmond Va; William & Mary, Bachelors in History, Minor in Philosophy; T.C. Williams, Law Degree.
  • Richmond Residence: Entire life, growing up in Goochland county, Richmond.
  • Current Job: Attorney (Criminal Trial Lawyer, Guardian ad Litem for juvenile offenders), Samuels Law firm.
  • Previous Experience: President of the Fan District Association, 4 years as Richmond City Councilman (sits on multiple boards specializing in local business and growth, Richmond Regional Planning Commission).
  • Favorite Restaurant: There's too many to decide. The local one that sounds good at that night.


Samuels abandons bid for second term as Council president

Announcement clears a path for his presumed successor.

Critical needs of RPS buildings dominate new school year

Now what are the mayor, superintendent, and school board going to do about it?

Vote on the controversial thirteen-story condo proposal has been delayed

No new date set for the City Council’s vote.

Councilman Baliles holds meeting to discuss Mayor’s baseball plans

Have thoughts about baseball in Shockoe? New plans for the Boulevard? Share them with Councilman Baliles and neighbors.

Chickens cometh to Chesterfield

Longtime petitioners for chicken ownership are celebrating the coop d’etat.

Council committee balks at baseball stadium referendum

Councilman Samuels wanted a referendum to encourage public debate and awareness about a new baseball stadium. With that referendum all but dead, he’s hoping the debate lives on.

Baseball stadium referendum flops in committee

Councilman Charles Samuels’s proposed referendum to keep the baseball stadium on Boulevard was recommended to be killed 6-3 in committee.

City Council: budget passes, parking meter fees rise

After months of debate, City Council passed a budget with little opposition–including a restructuring of water and sewer rates and an increase in parking meter fees.

Mayor proposes cheaper water bills and incentives for conservation

While presenting his proposed City budget, Mayor Jones outlined his plan for a fair water rate that encourages conservation.

City Council: Storm windows

So far this year it’s been very quiet, but there are storm clouds on the horizon–and last night’s storms were about windows.