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UPDATE: Over 1,000 protest for women’s rights outside of Capitol today

Over 1,000 people lined the walkways outside the Capitol this afternoon in a silent protest against several pieces of legislation making their way through the General Assembly that would strip women of reproductive rights.

Introducing Eight Track v3.0

I assure you that during the NEXT Eight Track you will receive all necessary updates via text message, and by Eight Track 5 I will be in everyone’s living room, via hologram, encouraging your voting paw to find its way to

Introducing Kidz Eight Track

There’s pianos, guitars, noises, effects, fades, weird mixes, loops, and at least one major radio hit. Brace yourself for some cuteness/goodness.

Eight Track victors! They are victorious!

Ok Ok Ok! So you want to know the winners? DO YOU?

Eight Track: state of the tape

In this piece about music I use the word “tumescent.” I just thought you should know that going in.

No Close Up

Eight Track 01

Track 01 [audio:] [poll=1]