Eight Track: state of the tape

In this piece about music I use the word “tumescent.” I just thought you should know that going in.

Today marks the midpoint of this grand experiment we call the Eight Track (make sure you go vote, people). So far we’ve sent eight musicians, local to Richmond, into the Coliseum to battle each other, and lions, to the death, literally. You guys don’t see that part, the part with the lions, but it’s pretty cool — next time we’ll sell tickets.

This week we give you four more musical warriors to judge, use up, and toss aside:

Seriously, how great is local music? I mean I knew we had some bands around town that did some things. But really, I had no idea of the amount of quality music pumping through Richmond’s tumescent veins. Good work team.

Also I wanted to ask for some feedback on the process thus far. Since I alternate between extremely busy and extremely lazy I probably won’t change anything this go around (you did know the Eight Track happens multiple times a year, didn’t you?). But I will write your thoughts down in a small notebook that I will carry with me everywhere.

Sound good?

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Ross Catrow

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