Good Evening, RVA: March 10th, 2016

Totally not Friday yet!

Michael Chronister

It was a such and such day in RVA.

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The 2016 Atlantic 10 LYLAS Bracket

Modern-day brackets are so boring and, like, made up of all those straight lines. That’s why we’re doing something a little different with our 2016 Atlantic 10 Bracket. H.A.G.S.!

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maymont_ carriage-horses-inset

Image: Maymont

Happy Birthday Maymont, let’s party

We don’t want to play favorites with all of Richmond’s wonderful parks, but let’s just say that Maymont is totally our favorite. Don’t tell Texas Beach or Scuffletown! Next month, you can tell Maymont just how much you love it directly to its face at their 90th birthday party celebration.

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Do you perhaps use too much marijuana?

VCU would like to talk to you (and pay you) if you maybe use too much marijuana. It’s for a study, y’all. For science!

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Flash Pokémon prints.

Happy birthday, Pikachu

Speaking of birthdays, did you know Pokémon is celebrating its 20th? Because we’re Richmond, here are real live humans getting actual Pokémon tattoos. People are adorable!

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Travis milton

Photo by Kristel Poole.

Travis Milton steps up as Family Meal’s Chef de Cuisine

Read this week’s food news for the news, sure, but really read it for the great story about Travis Milton. Dude wants to expand the reach of Appalachian cuisine while avoiding “extracting” the culture. Fascinating!

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Happy shamrock

Photo by: Jenn and Tony Bot

Biking, crafting, learning, eating, and honoring St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day is next week! Get ready to drive those snakes right out of Richmond with flagons of green beer and piles of colcannon. Or if that’s not your scene, do one of these five things.

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Whatever happened to Darth Maul?

Well you’ll need to watch Clone Wars for that, but here’s a fan-made movie about him that will tide you over until you get a chance.

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