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So you want to get into dance this month?

Well, now’s the best time. Two big deal events are happening, and you, you lucky dog, are in the prime position to see one or both of them. Don’t think you’re into dance? Wishing you had a cathartic outlet for the beasts inside of you? Turns out, this is the best possible thing for you. Not kidding.

James Taylor

James Taylor playing Richmond Coliseum in November

Tickets go on sale Friday.


Privacy, the Internet, and pictures of my kids

It feels like the idea of privacy is going to be even harder for my kids than it is for me–like they aren’t going to have a choice. Do I even have a choice?


Day #055: City employee residency initiatives

Residency requirements are bad for attracting talent, but a residency-specific housing stipend could extract many of the same benefits without the cost.


Good Morning, RVA: Cool-down Friday

Take today to cool off, cool down, and prepare for the weekend.

Picture of the Day: This view!

Graffiato Bar

Food News: Graffiato opens, fans fling donuts for Foo Fighters, and details on the Sammich Bus

This week: Graffiato opens its doors after a summer-long delay, the Sammich Bus rolls into RVA’s increasingly-crowded food truck scene, and oysters take over the 17th Street Farmer’s Market. All this and much more!


Day #054: RVA retirement

Two groups are fueling urban renewal: young urban professionals and empty nested baby-boomers.


September’s RVA music shows

Fall Line Fest brings 50+ bands to the city, Ann Beretta reunites, Steady Sounds celebrates its birthday, and more big name acts come to play this month.


5 Things

Taking a break from music this weekend after last week’s exhausting but fulfilling Fall Line Fest. Oh, it’s still all exhausting and fulfilling though. Comic Con, artsencrafts, drinking your weight in beer, basking in food truck glory, and hauling tires out of a river.

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