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Modern Artifacts pivots, announces a move to The Shops at 5807

The Carytown shop announced it was closing at the end of May, but has now secured a spot in the Near West End.

Richmond homicides in 2015

An ongoing list of murders in Richmond in 2015.


Family Finances: Now is the best time for college savings

If you don’t have a Virginia 529 already, you could start one (or someone else in you family could) and possibly win $10,000. Amanda Gibson outlines her family’s saving plan for contributing to the college education of her children.


The hippest RVA scavenger hunt we could possibly imagine

The VMFA is sticking pieces of a mural around town so that we can have fun and benefit from our fun. They are so neat.


Picture of the Day: Dutch Gap wreck

RVANews picture of the day.


TIP! You can shop Swedish without leaving your home

We hear that some people like going to IKEA, but we have no idea who they are or what is wrong with them.


Good Morning, RVA: Prepare to sweat

A hot and humid start to the week.


UPDATE: Is he a VCU Ram? (the roster is taking shape)

If you’re wondering, “is he a VCU Ram?”, here are the most up-to-date answers.


Happy Weekend, RVA: The happiest of all weekends!

What a week we just finished. And what a week up ahead. Weeks!

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Carly Reed: Tell your love story through design

Designer Carly Reed had been doing so many invitations and whatnot for her marrying friends, she decided to turn it into a business based on really genuine, heartfelt design that represents your coupledom to a T.

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