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Chapman’s stick: UTV and The Black Hand

Bass trombonist, composer, and creative spirit Reggie Chapman has been a fixture in the Richmond music community since 2004. Now with his band UTV and his unique and cozy music series at The Black Hand, he’s making a new mark.

UTV comes full circle (for me)

UseTheVastness has played in a whole lot of different venues, some ordinary, some funky: recital hall, backyard, basement, club, workshop in an art gallery. This afternoon, they return to the place where I first saw them, back in May 2009: the tiny confines of Black Hand Coffee.

Halloween Jazz Guide

Along with costumes, candy, and spooks, Halloween in Richmond sees great music and parties put on by some of the scene’s finest. We have your extended weekend itinerary for the best excuses to dress up and get down.

Musicircus in Photos, Part 2

Our soundless retrospective of Musicircus through photos continues.

Using, exploring, and championing the vastness

At yesterday’s recital at VCU, Use The Vastness performed a set of dynamic, creative, and thought-provoking music. It’s postmodern music from a postmodern generation, yet it urges our scatterbrained youth to slow down with long and thoughtful group improvisations and tantalizing orchestrations.

RVA Magazine: The State of Jazz

By Dean Christesen This article was originally published in the July 2009 Music Issue of RVA Magazine. It is reprinted with permission here. photo: Dean Christesen It’s Wednesday night and Cous Cous is packed. I can hardly make it back to the bar to get another beer, so I stand with my empty glass watching […]

Scenes from UTV at Black Hand

photos by Dean Christesen Use The Vastness (UTV) and Yellow Grass took over Black Hand Coffee yesterday for an afternoon concert. Photos from UTV: Marcus Tenney, Brett Ripley, Mary Lawrence Hicks Marcus Tenney, Mary Lawrence Hicks, Reggie Chapman Stuart Jackson, Brett Ripley Chelsea Temple David Hood, Marcus Tenney See more photos from the event on […]

Rumble on Vine Street

by Tom Beekman RVAjazz contributor Beekman, in his first RVAjazz contribution since the website’s anonymous days, reviews last Saturday’s “Vine St. Rumble,” a backyard barbecue-styled all-day affair at which several up-and-coming groups performed. I need provisions. Getting me out of the house has been quite the task these last couple of weeks. For this quest, […]