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Kids can get fit, too!

A few local options to get your kids on this fitness train…

AnnMarie Grohs: See what you’re capable of

The owner of Boho Cycling Studio, AnnMarie makes it a point to go farther than she’s ever gone before. But, like, not just on special occasions. All the time.

Learn more about the Monument 10k, win a spot on the Sports Backers training team!

Read the article, fill out the form, get yourself on that team.

RVA Boutique Fitness Guide

What even IS surf yoga, you know?

Right this way to Texas Beach: Speak your mind via online survey

Earlier this month, Storefront for Community Design and James River Park System announced they were beginning to look at improving the entrance to Texas Beach. Opinions happened!

If, and only if, the shoe fits: Getting professional advice on your running footwear

You absolutely, 100% must get your gait analyzed if you’re going to be a runner. We’re concerned about the health of your feet, ankles, and knees, dude.

LISTEN: The whys and hows of staying on a nutritious track

An enlightening audio interview with Tina Shiver, registered dietitian and all-around nutrition advocate.

A meditation on meditation: Learning it, hating it, needing it

Think meditation kind of sucks? Rachel Machacek did too. In fact, nobody really likes it. But you’re sure glad you did it afterwards.

Parks, recreation, and all your exercise needs

Richmond’s own Parks and Rec department is a treasure trove of fitness, dance, sports, swimming, hiking, camping, kayaking, and many more classes for the entire family. Did you know that!?