Good Evening, RVA: March 15th, 2016

Going down the only road we’ve ever known.

Photo by @casanovajuliet

It was a rocking day in RVA.

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Plane wing

Photo by: ldifranza

Motorin’…what’s your price for flight

Sometimes, it’s hard not to tell a person with a very small toddler that one day, you will be able to travel again without thinking about it too much. Hayley DeRoche is not at that point.

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No guns

Photo by: Scott Beale

We give guns a bad name

The Firearm Legislation numbers actually might be changing their trajectory, as this fortnightly roundup suggests. Anyway, there was only one thing shot to death on the floor, and that was a pro-gun bill. Everything else has either been moved forward or still sits in committee.

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Instant everything

I wanna know what love (of running) is…

…And I want Prabir Mehta and Kevin Hann to tell me. Here’s the second episode of Instant Everything, our “science sure is fun, guys” podcast. Prabir, Kevin, Daniel Klein, and Ruth Morrison talk about running in ways that will inspire and enlighten and tickle you.

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Photo by Sarah Ferguson

Hold me close, you

Dancers interviewing dancers! What’s next, interviewers dancing with interviewers? Before we get things back to where they need to be in order for the world to achieve balance, read this piece in which two ballet dancers interview two newer ballet dancers, and the results will not make you cringe! At least, they’ll make you cringe a whole lot less than we probably do on the regular.

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There is literally no rock song about a library, sorry

But this virtual tour of VCU’s new James Cabell Branch Library is pretty inspiring.

— ∮∮∮ —

…or about 3D-printing battle armor for a cat


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