Good Evening, RVA: March 11th, 2016

There must be some misunderstanding…we’re in New York!

Photo by Joey Wharton

It was a Genesis shout-singing day in RVA.

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Photo by: sinkdd

Five things for teens, that’s all

Say, teenagers! Would you like five-plus things to do? Yes? Well then, read on!

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Photo by: TerryBrock

We seem to have an invisible touch, yeah

Did our constant complaining about HB 587 make a difference in that hopefully some of you bothered the governor about vetoing this unfortunate bill? We’d like to think that the inspiring and pissed off voices of our readers got to his lofty ears, because he vetoed it!

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Mo has big hands

Tonight, tonight, tonight

The Rams are taking on Massachusetts in its first appearance in the Atlantic 10 tournament. Ross and Susan are currently IN Brooklyn at this tournament, bringing you super important Ram news, such as what Mo’s hair is going to be like, when does Korey Billbury feel feelings, and what Melvin thinks we should eat in the Bronx. You can also keep track of each team’s basketball progress of our ever-evolving, totally cute 2016 A-10 bracket.

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The only thing about us is the way we run

There are, oddly enough, a bunch of running races to honor St. Patrick’s Day. Is that a thing?? We think it’s a thing!

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Baby diaper

Photo by: beautiful beginnings to tragic endings.

Don’t throw it all away

And by “all” we mean “unused diapers.” Or, we could possibly mean, “your extra money, which you could be putting towards new diapers for the Capital Diaper Bank. That’s a real thing and it helps real people!

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This video is still funny

Why don’t we all walk like that, wearing the baggiest suits in the world?

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