Beer News: The stoniest updates, Answer progress, COTU at Lewis Ginter, and a crawl

Stone continues to dominate the news and possibly run the risk of losing all of our interest. Meanwhile, a bunch of new beers are happening, and spring means new baby hops!

I’ve decided to start a new column wherein I just post links to that week’s Stone Brewing Co. stories. I will call this column: The Articles of Ruination. This week, the RTD’s Graham Moomaw has a Stone double feature all about soils and loans and interests–read part one and part two.

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The Answer Brewpub got its Federal approval on Tuesday, a thing that I did not know existed or was necessary. Apparently state approval is much easier, so we should see The Answer’s first fermented offerings in the next little while. Since An Bui and Mekong are known for the best selection of Belgian beers this side of Antwerp, I wonder if their vat-christening brew will follow suit? I thirstily await the answer.

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VCU’s shining moment may have ended abruptly yesterday, but these 32 bars are all still alive in RVA Mag’s RVA Beer Madness 2015. I’m not sure what happens when a victor is crowned, but I’m sure it will be totally rad.

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The recent weather (apart from today’s gloomy soup)! It warms both my soul and my skin! The fine folks at Capital Ale House emailed me to let me know that, due to the aforementioned weather, their patios are open. This most likely means many other fine patios all over the city will slowly open like delicate flowers emerging from the soft and loamy springtime earth.

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Center of the Universe, Hardywood, Devils Backbone, Mad Fox, and Port City, will join a ton of breweries not from the state of Virginia in the 2015 Savor craft beer event. It’s a big dang deal and takes place in Washington D.C. on June 5th & 6th.

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Speaking of Center of the Universe, they’ll be planting Cascade hops at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden on Monday, March 23rd. They’ll plant the hops in repurposed bourbon barrels for extra boozy bonus points. COTU will harvest the crop this fall for a special, “garden-themed” beer.

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Nothing else matters but this picture of the governor drinking a Guinness.

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100% of this story is in the URL: “

Need more things that are shaped like a bracket? How about this national brewery bracket from Thrillist. They’ve got Hardywood in the Southern region (along with a brewery from Arizona, which I can’t even). I’m not sure what happens when a victor is crowned with this one either? Probably some poor sales associate tasked with selling impression-based advertising goes back to fulfilling her quota.

Seriously, it’s not OK to pinch people on St. Patrick’s Day.

Takeovers and releases

  • Station 2’s got a mean Hardywood tap lineup–nine different beers from those dudes. Gotta catch ’em all!
  • Triple Crossing releases their Liberty or Death porter this Saturday, which includes a re-enactment of the famous speech at 1:00 PM.
  • Today at noon, Strangeways will release their Banana Runts Sour. Like, Runts the candy. I…OK.
  • Are you stoked on the premature rumor of San Diego’s Ballast Point showing an interest in expanding to Richmond? If so, head over to Commercial Taphouse tonight for a Ballast Point tap takeover. They’ll have nine beers on tap, including the very much ballyhooed Sculpin IPA and Victory at Sea Porter.
  • It’s late notice, but crawl your way amongst pubs starting at Cary Street Cafe today at 4:00 PM and ending at the Cask Cafe at 8:00 PM. I hear you will have the chance to meet Katie from Dogfish Head, Brian from Heavy Seas, and have a chance to win some “dope brewery schwag.”

‘Graming with @gabekelley

Photo by: Denis Defreyne

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