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The 5 Things before Christmas. Nobody was stirring, etc. Sorry, I’d write a better blurb, but the last episode of Serial is out this morning, and I’m busy.

1. Tony Bennett: Live in Concert

This legendary crooner has been described, according to CenterStage’s website, as “the world’s most boyish octogenarian.” That is now my goal, to steal his title. No inside intel on whether or not Mr. Bennett will do some of his jazzy holiday tunes, but he’ll certainly belt out plenty of his old favorites, to the beat of your melting heart.

  • Thursday, December 18th • 8:00 PM
  • Altria Theater, 6 N. Laurel Street
  • $55 – $115

2. Richmond Ballet’s The Nutcracker

We dropped a bomb on the unsuspecting Richmond public when we released the official Nutcracker cookie recipe, and I assume you are all in a sugar haze now, after making batch after batch all week. The Nutcracker is mandatory for all humans, and luckily it is beautiful and wonderful and graceful and entertaining.

  • Friday, December 19th – Sunday, December 26th • see site for times
  • Carpenter Theater at CenterStage, 600 E. Grace Street
  • $20 – $125 with discounts available

3. Mr. Dickens’ Christmas Carol

It’s Charles Dickens, in case you were wondering. Charles Dickens. You remember, the guy who wrote Scrooged? Local playwright Bo Wilson adapted the famous story, with four actors playing Bill Murray and the various ghosts of Christmas, as well as all the other characters. 

  • Friday, December 19th – Sunday, December 21st • see site for times
  • Grace Street Theater, 934 W. Grace Street
  • $30 with discounts available

4. Hamaganza 2014

Hamaganza is 20 years old, which should blow your mind. This weird-as-eff variety show features Dirt Woman (do some googling if you’re new to town, I’m not sure any of us understand that phenomenon well enough to explain it) and a bunch of insane debauchery. This year it’s two nights, one at Hardywood and one at Cary St. Cafe. Bring a ham and/or $10 to benefit the Central Virginia Food Bank, and prepare for two evenings that will be straight up nuts.

  • Friday, December 19th • 6:00 PM; Saturday, December 20th • at 8:00 PM
  • Hardywood, 2408 Ownby Lane (Friday) and Cary St. Cafe, 2631 W. Cary Street (Saturday)
  • $10 or a ham

5. Listen to every episode of the Serial podcast

If you’re just tuning in…TO LIFE…you may be unaware of Serial, which is the greatest thing to happen to podcasts since uh I don’t know. Because I never listen to podcasts, really. Because until now, they were not gripping as all get out! The gist is that a This American Life reporter/editor type person tries to do some investigating into a murder that’s 15 years old. It’s completely addicting, and the last episode is now available. I can’t promise it won’t be a huge letdown, because at time of writing, it has not been released. But I can think of no better way to make a boring drive on I-95 to some grandparents for Christmas be a lot more exciting.

  • The next time you have to do something boring that doesn’t require your brain, really, and will take you several hours
  • Your car! Your house! Your phone! 
  • Free!

Photo by: Larrygj

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