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I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t easy to tune back into the RVA real world from this vacation I’m on and think about things (I was so close to just typing “HARDYWOOD” and calling it a day), but I’d forgotten that yes, OK, there are superfun things I’m missing. So go do these fests, roasts, and dance steps, and pretend that I’m right alongside you.

1. The Richmond Folk Festival

It’s back, the tenth annual festival that’s all about your folks! That’s right, Mom and Pop will be up there on tons of different stages, attracting thousands of people from all over the country, and showing everyone–EVERYONE–that weird jitterbug thing they think is so cute. On Day 2, they’re pulling out slides from a shoebox entitled “You: Bathtime from 1976 – 1979.” And then on Day 3, they reveal to you that this is all a terrible dream, and the RFF is in fact an enormous event that is just as cool as the nightmare scenario above is awful.

  • Friday, October 10th – Sunday, October 12th • see site for schedule
  • From 2nd to 7th Streets and from Byrd Street to the river
  • Free to attend! But you should probably donate some money!

2. RVA Central: Fall in RVA Edition

The second iteration of a planned, regular roast of Richmond, RVA Central swears up and down that it’ll have you rolling in the aisles. And as someone who just can’t stop making fun of the ol’ town we live in–I love a good aisle-roll at the city’s expense.

  • Friday, October 10th • 8:00 – 10:00 PM
  • Plant Zero, 3 E. 3rd Street
  • Free!

3. An Evening with Dance Theatre of Harlem

Harlem’s ballet squad returned last year after a nearly a decade-long hiatus due to lack of funds. And now YOU can see them with your own eyes! Like, on the stage. Not just on this video, but also, yes, watch that video.

  • Friday, October 10th • 7:30 PM
  • Carpenter Theatre, 600 E. Grace Street
  • $27 – $127

4. 8th Annual Step UP for Down Syndrome 5K & Family Festival

Down Syndrome. A worthy cause, and one that’s worth running, honestly, not that far for. And if you can run, honestly, not that far, then you can probably muster up the energy to get people to pledge money to help this worthy cause. I mean, I’m not saying you’re dropping the ball if you don’t do this, but I’m not NOT saying that. Know what I mean?

  • Saturday, October 11th • 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Innsbrook Pavilion, 4901 Lake Brook Drive
  • $15 – $30, and also whatever you can get people to donate

5. Comic Creator Expo

I’ll be honest. I’m staying at my friends’ apartment, and me finishing this column is the only thing standing between them and the pizza we’re about to eat. I asked them what to say about a totally sweet thing at Gallery5 that celebrates and connects makers of “small comics” (this reminds me of zines and now I want to be in high school again). Their contributions were “Need a little comic relief?”, “Calling all women, men, and X-men, come MARVEL at the wonders of Comic Creator Expo!”, and then just “IRONNN MANN!” You won’t see any of the above references at this jam (except maybe if you talk to Rick Spears, who has worked on Iron Man), which is focused on a much more indie gritty level, but you will be inspired to make your own.

  • Saturday, October 11th • 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, 3602 Hawthorne Avenue
  • $2 suggested donation

Photo by: clevercupcakes

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