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FALL!! Now that “Ugh, summer’s ending,” thoughts have slumped their way out the door, “Hooray, there’s so much to do in the fall!” thoughts are moonwalking right in! This week: international food, nail-biting tension, running, farming, and beer, always with the beer!

1. Wait Until Dark

I saw this play–which pits a blind woman against a Bad Guy–at University of Richmond when I was very young, and it haunted me. Then I saw the movie (a must-see starring Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin) when I was not as young, and it still haunted me! Like The Ring, I feel a pressing desire to pay it forward and make sure you, too, are haunted for life. I am not exaggerating when I say that I was actually on the edge of my literal seat during both iterations, and I can’t imagine this one would be any different, as the Firehouse Theatre is one of our finest.

  • Thursday, September 18 through October 18; see site for times
  • Firehouse Theatre, 1609 W. Broad Street
  • $35 with discounts available

2. Oktoberfest at St. Benedict’s

Now that beer has become the City’s Elixir™, St. Benedict’s annual Oktoberfest brouhaha has become one of the most anticipated fests in the Museum District…nay, the world! Nay, the Museum District. Pretend you’re either German or that you like beer, music, food, dancing, and a Christkindlmarkt (the German language guys…so good), and stand around in a parking lot during temperate weather with tons of other people who all seem to know each other. Oktoberfest equals new, fast friends. Get a ride home, everyone (Uber exists!).

  • Friday, September 19th – Sunday, September 21st • see site for times
  • St. Benedict “Festplatz” (read: parking lot) at the corner of Hanover and Belmont Avenues
  • Free to attend!

3. Armenian and Indian Food Fests

I secretly believe that the food of other countries is far superior to our own–even, GASP, the food of the mighty South! All those flavors and spices of Indian and Armenian food, bah! Just mash them all up together and bury me happily in saffron. Unfortunately, you’ll have to plan your time wisely, as these two festivals take place on the same timeline but not the same longitudinal line. But maybe if you try super, super hard, you can go back and forth, putting it all in one big takeout container and just see where fate takes you.

  • Armenian: Thursday, September 18th – Sunday, September 21st, and Indian: Saturday, September 20th – Sunday, September 21st • see site for times
  • Armenian: St. James Armenian Church, 834 Pepper AvenueGreater • Indian: Greater Richmond Convention Center, 403 N. Third Street
  • The food goes for various prices and none of it is exorbitant

4. VCU Broad Street Mile

Last year, the motto of this group athletic event was “Anyone can run one,” or something of the sort. And you know what? They shamed me into doing so. I mean, I walked it. With a stroller. But still. This year, they add on a 5K, for those of you who aren’t content with what you CAN’T do and instead want to show the world smugly what you CAN do. That doesn’t make sense, but I think you get my drift. Run one mile, run five Ks, hang out at the little festival afterwards, and support the college whose existence makes up a big chunk of our town.

  • Saturday, September 20th • 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Broad Street between Belvidere Street and Hermitage Road
  • Festival is free, running/walking will cost ya (various amounts)

5. VABF Richmond Farm Tour

New this year! A chance to see how local farms wheel, deal, and steal…from the land? JK, they earn their produce and animal products the hard way, which is a way that involves getting up a lot earlier than I’m willing to. So thank you, local farmers! Howsabout pitchforking over just a little cash and making your way between and through beautiful Virginia farms on this self-guided tour! I’m willing to bet you might get something delicious out of it–even if it’s just the delicious feeling of giving your spouse an anxiety attack when you announce that you think this, this, is truly the life for you.

  • Saturday, September 20th – Sunday, September 21st • 1:00 – 6:00 PM
  • See sites for locations
  • $25 per vehicle in advance, $30 day-of, or $10 per farm
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