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Before you finalize your weekend plans, here are 5 Things that will be in the haps around town, including a comedic ballet (who knew they existed?), a retrospective of humanity’s love to get crunked, and even some love for the Elephant Man just in time for Valentine’s Day. These plus more!

Now that the Super Bowl has passed, the weekend is looking a lot more open than it did this time last week. If you over indulged in the (awesome) brutishness that is professional football and are looking to get aligned to a more refined, sophisticated center, then you are in luck. There are assorted theatrical productions featuring ballet, Vaudeville pleasantries, and even an expert will be in town to talk about some of mankind’s history with alcohol…5 Things!

1. Richmond Ballet: Coppélia

Most people think of ballet as a snooty snob fest wherein painfully thin dancers flail their legs with psuedo-grace to the applause of a comatose crowd. No way, brah, ballet can be totes fun! Don’t believe me? For exhibit ‘A’ I offer this: Coppélia. The plot features a toymaker who makes a lady doll. Kinda boring and Pinnochio-esque, I know, BUT the toymaker’s lady friend, Swanilda, ain’t about to let her man go, and so the hilarity ensues (I love when hilarity ensues!). Alright, I know the story doesn’t sound like Anchorman, but this is actually a dang funny piece that’s really well done by the Richmond Ballet.

  • Fri., Feb. 10th – Sun, Feb. 12th • 2pm and 7pm showtimes
  • Carpenter Theatre, 600 E. Grace Street
  • $17 – $127

2. “The Garden of Love” Valentine’s Day Vaudeville Revue

If ballet isn’t your stock-in-trade, perhaps some Vaudeville is up your alley. Awhile back I told you about how a local burlesque shows had been banned at the Canal Club. Now it seems that the Richmond Varietease has regrouped and is now operating under the name Ritz and Revelry. Inspired by Vaudville variety acts (which went on to inspire burlesque), Ritz and Revelry will be putting on a Valentine’s Day-themed performance. Including Richmond’s only dancing flapper duo, the Garter Snaps, acrobatic tap dancing, singing, and comedic antics, this show will be a great way to get you into the spirit of Valentine’s Day before the 14th rolls around.

  • Sat., Feb. 11th • 7pm
  • Hippodrome Theater, 528 N. 2nd Street
  • $15 – $145

3. The Elephant Man

I remember being young and watching the David Lynch movie The Elephant Man, based on the life of John Merrick, with my dad. The film, which starred Anthony Hopkins, has one of the most tense and despairing scenes, involving Merrick being confronted at a train station by…less than hospitable people. This remarkable man and his remarkable story will be put on the stage by VCU’s Department of Theatre. The Tony award-winning play explores Merrick’s life in 1880’s Victorian England, and how this highly-intelligent, sensitive, and artistic individual was incarcerated by his dysmorphia.

  • Opening Night: Fri., Feb. 10th • 7:30pm (runs through Feb. 19th)
  • W.E. Singleton Center for Performing Arts, 922 Park Avenue
  • $25 (students $10)

4. Uncorking the Past: Ancient Ales, Wines, and Extreme Beverages

Unfortunately, the VMFA has just informed me that this event has been sold out!

Writer and teacher Patrick McGovern is the author of a book that examines the history of humanity’s pursuit for the perfect drink. He is also a pioneer in the new field of Biomolecular Archaeology and will be appearing at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to lecture on some of the things that he’s discovered from his extensive research. After his lecture, there will be a tasting of several brewskies from the Dogfish Head Brewery.

  • Fri., Feb. 10th • 6:3pm – 8pm
  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N. Boulevard
  • $50 (VMFA members $35)

5. Freak Love: A Valentine’s Day Dance Party Benefit

If any, or all, of the above things seem a little too…meh for you, then perhaps I can titillate your fancy with a little dancing. Serving as a sort of laboratory for various night time fun, Balliceaux is offering a FREE dance night this coming Tuesday…Valentine’s Day. While the event is assuredly cover-free, Balliceaux will be taking donations for the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project. Even if the cause isn’t your thing, you can still dance, drink, and dance some more with impunity–no matter if you are single or coupled this Valentine’s Day.

  • Tues., Feb. 14th • 10:30pm
  • Balliceaux, 203 N. Lombardy
  • FREE
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