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If you play your cards right this weekend you can experience the cultures of three vastly different peoples: wine connoisseurs, monster truck fanatics, and hypno-comedy enthusiasts. I didn’t even know that last one was a thing…

1. Advance Auto Parts Thunder Nationals

Monster truck rallies speak to me on a deep and personal level. It’s a massive, loud, and dirty incarnation of typing in all caps with lots of exclamation points. Think about it: SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! GRAAAAVE DIGGER! MONSTER TRUUUUCKKKKSSSS!

And now some multimedia:


  • Friday, February 25 (7.30pm)
  • The Coliseum
  • Starting at $11, kids $5

2. Erotic Hypnotic

Honestly, I have no idea what this entails. But, it is called…Erotic Hypnotic. The name was almost enough to include it, but not quite. Then I read the performer’s (J Medicine Hat) bio:

In 1994, J was booked as an opening act for a hypnotist. Half way through that show, he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his comedy life. By merging stand up comedy and hypnosis, J knew he would have something unique to offer audiences. He invested all the money he had in the world into learning the art of stage hypnosis. A mere ten days later, J performed his first hypno comedy show. The success of that very first show, was like pouring gasoline on a fire. J Medicine Hat was unstoppable.

Well, if he is unstoppable who am I to argue? Plus, Erotic Hypnotic.

  • Sunday, February 27 (10pm)
  • Funny Bone (11800 W. Broad Street )
  • $17

3. VCU Southern Film Festival

Behold! An unbelievable slate of films this weekend, all for free. FREE. UNBELIEVABLE.

Peep the author’s represented by these films: Flannery O’Connor, Ellen Glasgow, William Faulkner, Alice Walker, Tennessee Williams, and Harper Lee. That’s nothing to spit at.

  • February 25th – 27th
  • Grace Street Theatre (934 W. Grace Street)
  • Free!

4. Virginia Wine Expo

Wine! Who doesn’t love a good Pinot Somethingsomething? Listen, I am not — what the experts call — a sommelier, but I do know that 350 wines from 60 Virginia wineries sounds like a slammerjammer of a good time. Tickets may seem a bit pricey at first blush, but there’s a bunch of options for learners and drinkers alike.

  • February 25th – 27th
  • Greater Richmond Convention Center (403 N. 3rd)
  • Starting at $20 with a half dozen different options

5. Chew and Chat: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

That was a lot of colons, wasn’t it? Anyway, if your youngsters are of the bookish persuasion, bring them on over for an afternoon spent gnoshing on pizza and chatting about the first installment in the popular Percy Jackson series. Discussions will be led by Mrs. Kelly Tilton Elias, 4/5th grade teacher at Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts.

  • Saturday, February 26th (3.30pm)
  • West End Library (5420 Patterson Avenue)
  • Free! (Sign up at the Circulation Desk or call 804-646-1877)
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