Official Oscar predictions

We know this for sure: rich people will go home with gold things, and we will probably use it as an excuse to eat ice cream.

Ross and I, who run our own movie site on the side and start most days with a “What I watched last night” conversation, sat down to write up our Oscar predictions.

As usual, we could not SHUT UP about it. We also couldn’t slow down long enough for me to get it all in with my crazy-fast typing fingers, so we just started recording. And don’t worry, we kept it to about 10 minutes.

Summary: Boyhood will win the day. And the Oscars are getting really dumb. But communal tweeting will preserve our interest in it for another year!

Watch the 2015 Oscars on ABC at 7:00 PM. Or don’t, it’s up to you.

Photo by: Dave_B_

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Susan Howson

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