Raising Richmond: Talking about tragedy

In light of the recent devastation in Japan, Patience Salgado offers up some helpful insight, tips, and practical ideas for helping your kids cope with horrible events like this. We hope you’ll share your ideas as well…

Raising Richmond: Letters to our pregnant selves

Pregnancy is a scary time for moms-to-be. The physical changes and uncertainties about what life will be like after the baby comes lead to a lot of fear and anxiety for some women. In an effort to offer comfort to those expecting a baby soon, we present today’s question: What would you say to your first-time pregnant self?

Raising Richmond: Q & A with Maggi Tinsley

In the first installment of a new series here on Raising Richmond, we hear from Maggi Tinsley, marketing coordinator at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond and sole parent to two beautiful girls adopted from Hunan Province in the People’s Republic of China.

Raising Richmond: Superpowers and kryptonite

When it comes to parenting, we all have moments when we tend to shine and moments when we, well… don’t. So today we ask: What is your parenting superpower? What is your parenting kryptonite?

Raising Richmond: Division of labor

When two people make a home together, they’ll eventually have to figure out who is going to be responsible for what. As complicated as that is, things get even trickier once kids get into the mix. So today we’re asking: Who does what in your house? Have you achieved an equal division of labor?

Raising Richmond: Pushing through parenting fears

We originally intended this installment to be about our thoughts on the “free-range” parenting movement versus the “helicopter” approach to having our kids out in the world. While we do touch on those ideas here, we ended up going a bit deeper than that. We’ll hope you’ll read our thoughts and then share yours.

Raising Richmond: C-MoR’s Stay & Learn

Holiday errands are hard enough without having to subject your little ones to the madness. Luckily, the Children’s Museum of Richmond – Short Pump has a new offer for its members that will take away some of the stress… and give the kids a chance to have a little extra fun.

Raising Richmond: At home or the hospital?

As with most issues related to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, the decision as to where you choose to have your child is a very personal one. Here two mothers share their very different stories. We hope you’ll share yours, too.

Raising Richmond: Bullying

Bullying is making headlines lately. Whether it’s actually on the rise or just seems that way because of all of the recent media attention, it’s time to talk about it. For some families, it’s a matter of life and death. So here we go…

Raising Richmond: Back to school!

While Raising Richmond typically consists of two sets of parents sharing their thoughts about various aspects of raising kids, Patience is flying solo on this one, offering up some tips and tricks for making back-to-school time a little less chaotic, a little less scary, and a lot more soulful.

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