RVA Internet Awards: Those winners, always with the winning

You came, you saw, you nominated, and you voted. And now, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to announce the winners of the 2010 RVA Internet Awards. Let’s do it…

You came, you saw, you nominated, and you voted. And now, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to announce the winners of the 2010 RVA Internet Awards.

Let’s do it…

Best Blog: Dirty Richmond

Richmond’s own version of The Sartorialist, showcasing images of some of RVA’s most inspiring and daring dressers.

2nd place: Richmond Macaroni Kid
3rd place: CBS Storm Team Blog

Best Community News Site: Downtown Short Pump

You guys might hate driving to Short Pump, but you sure like reading about it.

2nd place: GayRVA
3rd place: Hills and Heights

Best Comment Thread: Foodies: Is This Your Style?

A post calling attention to Style Weekly columnist Jack Lauterback’s “assessment” of foodies draws attention to what seems to be a new trend (in Richmond and beyond) of hating on these gastronomy enthusiasts.

2nd place: Leash your dog
3rd place: Stuzzi: Do we need to Rethink Pizza?

Best Business Website: Rumors

They love Richmond, so it only makes sense that Richmond loves them. Plus, the site is just really straightforward and easy to use. (Check out their “How It Works” and “Fit Guide” pages — super helpful!)

2nd place: Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe
3rd place: Sticky Rice

Best Use of Social Media by a Business: To The Bottom and Back

It seems like Richmond is totally crushing on the folks behind The Big Green Bus these days — we’re sure their active Twitter and Facebook accounts play a part in that.

2nd place: CBS6
3rd place: Nate’s Taco Truck

Best Female Twitterer: SouthernRedRose

Richmond is a town that LOVES to gab about the weather, so it makes sense that Carrie Rose, CBS6’s morning and noon meteorologist, took this one.

2nd place: thecheckoutgirl
3rd place: a1ne

Best Male Twitterer: genecoxnbc12

The man is an oracle. No one else stood a chance.

2nd place: LorenzoHall
3rd place: ChadBrownRVA

There you have it, kiddos! We’ll be contacting the winners shortly so they can collect their victorious spoils. Thanks to everyone who nominated, voted, and Facebooked/Tweeted the mess out of this contest. We had fun and hope you did, too.

Keep in mind: the nominees for the RVA Internet Awards were submitted and voted on by RVANews readers. If you think someone else in the Richmond Internet community is more deserving in a particular category, make sure to nominate him/her/them/it next year!

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7 comments on RVA Internet Awards: Those winners, always with the winning

  1. I was robbed. At least I don’t have to buy all those people who voted for me drinks now.

  2. SaintWaitress on said:

    Thanks for this review! Found some great new-to-me blogs, sites, and folks to follow.

  3. EpicRVA on said:

    Wait, I just found out about this. Can we have a ‘do-over’? I can spend my days voting for myself instead of playing Minesweeper at work

  4. Wow! We are so honored! Thanks everyone!

  5. This should have been the best use of social media by a business.

  6. Yay to Nate’s Taco Truck, rvafoodie, and of course, the tweetmaster Gene Cox!

  7. Thank You so much. I was so delighted to get the tweet that we won. Wow. We worked so hard to get this website up. Days and Days and Days and Days of no sleep. The fit guide was Casey’s idea she is a genius. The job we do at rumors is a service to the city and to the youth. Thank you to the thousands that I am sure voted for us. Our site has been up 200,000 percent since we launched the full web store. We really want to add so much more on our locally loved section so look out for that. Oh Richmond how I adore you all. This city is really changing. Next year it will be even better.


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