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Sibirskaya Vechora

Settlers from the Ukraine and Belarus who migrated to western Russia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries brought striking harmony singing, folk dances and music made on the hurdy-gurdy, accordion and guisli – musical traditions that have been kept with care by this intriguing ensemble direct from the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia.

Sand Mountain Sacred Harp Singers

For generations, families from the Sand Mountain area of northeastern Alabama have raised their voices in song, carrying on the tradition of glorious, unaccompanied four-part harmony singing from The Sacred Harp, a beloved southern shape note songbook first published in 1844 and still sung from today.

Benedicte Maurseth

Traditional songs and the haunting sounds of the Hardanger fiddle from Norway’s charming, charismatic “2007 Young Folk Musician of the Year.”

Virginia Rocks

A highly flammable mixture of country, blues and gospel, rockabilly music exploded on the scene in the 1950s to announce the birth of rock and roll. This reunion of great Commonwealth rockabilly musicians, both past and present, celebrates Virginia’s role in the creation of a quintessentially American music.

No BS! Brass Band

Richmond’s favorite New Orleans-style brass band infuses the music with its own unique grooves and musical sensibilities, and delivers exactly what its name promises.

Andes Manta

With a mastery of more than 35 traditional instruments, including a dazzling array of panpipes, the four Lopez brothers from the mountains of Ecuador bring vibrant, haunting indigenous music from South America’s Andes Mountains.

Bonsoir, Catin

Honoring their deep family and community roots in Cajun music, the members of this all-women band express the unabashed energy, intensity and raw emotion that is the hallmark and heart of Cajun music.

Boukman Eksperyans

Drawing upon traditional vodou rhythms, compas, rock and R & B to create the Haitian musical movement dubbed mizik rasin (roots music), Boukman Eksperyans has re-emerged on the world stage to take their message of hope and survival in the aftermath of this year’s catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.

Capoeira Luanda

NEA National Heritage Fellow Jelon Vieira leads an ensemble showcasing tradition of capoeira, an exciting Afro-Brazilian fusion of acrobatics, dance and martial arts that developed in slave and Maroon communities in the northern Brazilian state of Bahia.

Donald Harrison & The Congo Square Nation

One of New Orleans’ most celebrated living jazzmen, Donald Harrison merges his two primary musical influences, jazz and the Mardi Gras Indian tradition, to create a resplendent celebration of New Orleans music and culture.