Free summer movies at the Commonwealth 20!

Starting June 16th, select Regal movie theatres will be offering kids and parents free rated G and PG movies at 10am each Tuesday and Wednesday. Seating is limited and is on a first-come, first serve basis. Looks like in our area that is:
Commonwealth Stadium 20 & IMAX
5001 Commonwealth Centre Parkway
Midlothian ,VA 23112
So what’s showing? It […]

What needs/problems do you see in our community?

Lack of guidance for our youth? Crumbling marriages? Poverty? Affordable housing? Homelessness? Alcoholism? Drugs?
I’m speaking specifically about Chesterfield County; not Richmond as they are of course different…

less ‘full-service’ for Powhite Courthouse plazas

Have you seen the signs or read the article from the TD today?
Come May 29th, motorists will need either EZ Pass or exact change to either exit (going north) at Courthouse Rd or enter from Courthouse Rd (but just going south – away from Richmond) with the Powhite Parkway.
I wonder how many people that really […]

homelessness on the rise…

In the recent Chesterfield Observer article “More people with no place to live”, it is stated that “Economic indicators continue to be grim – unemployment has soared in the past year, and there seems to be no end in sight to the spike in foreclosures. It stands to reason, then, that more people are finding […]

economic assistance and recovery?

In the middle of some of the toughest economic conditions of our lifetime, New Venture Christian Church is putting together some classes and session called Economic Assistance and Recovery Seminars (EARS). All sessions will be taught by professionals in the field.

Less curbside recycling soon?

The Chesterfield Board of Supervisors will be evaluating a change in CVWMA recycling collection from bi-weekly (which still is in effect) to once every 4 weeks.
For Chesterfield residents opposing a change, there is a coalition you can join called Recycle Twice.

Why there are accidents at Courthouse Rd and Hull St


Looking back at the Porn & Pancakes forum

Porn and Pancakes is not watching porno and having breakfast together, it’s actually mens’ gatherings where the effects of porn are talked about in a small community environment. The program discussed the addictive epidemic of pornography affecting everyone in our culture. As it was pointed out, this issue in particular is the “big blue elephant […]

Porn and Pancakes forum comes to Chesterfield

New Venture Christian Church will be co-hosting with XXXchurch a ‘Porn and Pancakes’ breakfast and forum this Saturday, October 13 at Midlothian Middle School. Starting at 8am, breakfast will be served. At about 9:30am, the program will begin.