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Courts building I think

Good Evening, RVA: February 12th, 2016

Listen up, lover, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend.


February Festivals: Wine, China, and excruciatingly cold water

And you thought February was just a month to eat boxed chocolate and cuddle! Sure, you can do all those things but look at all these things, too!

From left to right: Kevin Hann, Prabir Mehta, Kelly Galowina, and Justin Bartel

PODCAST: Instant Everything—February 2016 with Justin Bartle and Kelly Galowina

Hosts Prabir Mehta and Kevin Hann kick off a new podcast series that tells you the science behind everything you’re thinking about RIGHT NOW. In this episode: Valentine’s Day.

GRTC pulse logo

BRT FAQ #011: What’s next for BRT?

The vote happened, and we are definitely moving forward with the Pulse. But now what?

bored teens

5 Things for Teens: Movies, sports, dance, helping, and rallying

How to combat boredom in a weekend (and weekday).

rebecca and christopher

PHOTOS: People in love, 2016

Some Richmond couples, hanging out in their favorite Richmond spaces, telling us their loverly stories. Happy Valentine’s Day, RVA!

Jail cell

Shutting down the school-to-prison pipeline

Virginia leads the country in referrals of students to law enforcement. Local legislators, police, and school officials are working to change that.


Wegman’s donation will upgrade the Children’s Museum grocery stores

Our children will get to pretend shop in an upgraded pretend grocery store and hopefully learn about non-pretend eating habits.

School bus

Henrico County Public Schools seeking school bus drivers at job fair Friday

The job fair takes place today from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM at the Glen Allen Library.


4th Precinct MPACT meeting being held February 18th

It’s a great way to get plugged into your neighborhood and bring about change in the community on a hyper-local level.