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Comic Con: Why to go, what to do, who to see

If you are, out of excitement, unable to sleep this week and have taken to staring at the ceiling, opting to recite the plots of each Star Trek movie in a low monotone instead of counting sheep, this post is for you.

GRTC pulse logo

Information and community input opportunities for BRT/Pulse

A million (maybe literally) pages of information for you now exist, as a bunch of reports just became available. Also, there’s a meeting tomorrow night that you should go to, if you find yourself spending at least half your waking moments arguing with someone for/against bus rapid transit in Richmond.

Photo by Marcella Lee of Broad Appetite.

Richmond’s Sweetest and Coldest Treats

How’d you get so hot? How’d you like to get…less hot?

Richmond homicides in 2015

An ongoing list of murders in Richmond in 2015.


10 x 10 Week 9: My Kid Could Make That (with Angela M.D. Allen and Marita Allen)

Art with your kids. Like, actually WITH your kids. Thanks to Angela M.D. Allen and her daughter, Marita.


TIP! Yet more cheap pizza

The finest food for the finest price! That’s you, pizza!

Picture of the Day: RVA at night


Good Morning, RVA: Welcome to a wet week

Clouds and rain for days and days.


Happy Weekend, RVA: Threat level—low

We have finished our journey down Tipsy River and will resume regularly scheduled programming next week. It’s all Shockoe Stadium, BRT, and monuments from here out, guys! Just kidding!


Enter to win a Science Museum membership

All you need to do is comment on and share cool stuff from the Internet. I think you guys can handle that! (Added bonus: you and your kids will learn a little something while you’re at it.)