Picture of the day: RIP Huguenot Bridge


Photo by: pjpink

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Matthew McDonald

I see you.

5 comments on Picture of the day: RIP Huguenot Bridge

  1. Lauren on said:

    I never thought I’d miss it, but I do. The new bridge is hideous and cuts the view of the river in half. It’s so sad driving on the new bridge every day.

  2. Citizen Tom on said:

    I remember almost 40 years ago when I moved to Richmond the rails of the Huguenot Bridge reminded me of another era or another town. And even though it had to be pointed out to me, the way the eye works you do get a worse view of the river with the new railings. It is like the difference between 35mm film and video and I am talking VHS. In film you do not see the black bars on the screen running past your eye at 24 fps, but on the new bridge you see two constant thick bars obscuring the view of the river that are more reminiscent of inexpensive fencing at a big box store than a new bridge spanning our grand river.

    Pedestrians and bikes will have a much better and safer view of the river on the new bridge, but I don’t think I will be transported back in time or to a new place every time I cross the river. I will just have to get out of my car and walk.

  3. Visiting the Bridge on the day it was open for one last view was very hot, but beautiful. Chalk was left for visitors to write messages on the railings and some families had pizza and doughnuts! I took over 100 pictures and said good bye! Great photo op!

  4. M. J. Dailey on said:

    How many Richmonders does it take to change a lightbulb? Five.
    One person to physically change the bulb, and four to talk about how wonderful the old one was.

  5. Ben on said:

    HA! Touche, M.J.! Well done.

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