Celebrate Pi Day with a free pie from WPA Bakery!

Today is Pi Day, and if math isn’t your strong suit, how about you devour a tasty pie in honor of the mathematical holiday?  

WPA Bakery sign

Today is Pi Day, celebrating that lovable mathematical constant, π.

Rather than giving you a complex math problem — or hosting a marathon viewing of Life of Pi — to honor the occasion, we decided to do something better.

We’re giving away a pie from WPA Bakery!

Haven’t been to WPA Bakery? You’re really cheating your mouth of some sweet, sweet goodness. It’s easily one of the best things to happen to Church Hill (nay, all of RVA!) in a while.

Head Baker David Rohrer has made us a “super” pie just for Pi Day: banana rum walnut with butterscotch, chocolate chips, and drizzled with caramel.


Register to win below, and we’ll let you know tomorrow morning if you’ve got a pie coming your way.

Fill out my online form.

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3 comments on Celebrate Pi Day with a free pie from WPA Bakery!

  1. thank you and pie sounds good right now :)

  2. who won the pi(e)?!

  3. @jen – the winner has been notified!

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