Best/worst Halloween candy?

With all this talk of trick-or-treating, it only seemed appropriate to do a little survey…

With all this talk of trick-or-treating, it only seemed appropriate to do a little survey: What candy were you stoked to see in your pillowcase/bucket/plastic pumpkin when you were a kid? What was immediately placed in the trade (or toss) pile?

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Valerie Catrow

Valerie Catrow is editor of RVAFamily, mother to a mop-topped first grader, and always really excited to go to bed.

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  1. Karen on said:

    Bit-O-Honey was places in the toss pile almost instantly. And by toss pile I mean it disappeared in to my mom’s possession. Ick

  2. I wasn’t ever too fond of those Peeps filled with razors.

  3. Kelly on said:

    Mini milky-way bars or Reese’s cups

    I don’t know the name of this stuff, but it is sort of peanut-flavored taffy, wrapped in orange and black waxed paper. It’s so gross, it doesn’t even deserve a name.

    Honorable mention for worst:
    An apple. It takes up valuable real estate in the bag, weighs you down, and defies the spirit of Halloween in every way. I once got an apple and when I wanted to eat it, my mom sliced it first to make sure there were no “razor blades or poison” in it. There were not, but I always felt a little afraid of the old people in our neighborhood who gave it to me and I rode my bike realfast by their house after that.

    Ah, thanks for the memories.

  4. Worst: Tootsie Rolls, Heath Bars, things with nuts or coconut in them

    Best: Really anything chocolate or sweet/sour or gummy

  5. Best: Reeses Cups, or better yet…an entire regular sized candy bar, not just the minis.

    Worst: Almond Joys, Trail Mix

  6. Lauren on said:

    I second the worst as being those foul little black and orange wax paper wrapped peanut butter things.

    I was always weird and loved mounds and almond joys. But of course the ultimate best was a full size candy bar. If anyone gave those out we would talk about them and say “wow! they must be so rich!” Funny how kids judge someone’s wealth not by what car they drive or how big their house is, but by what candy they give out on Halloween.

  7. Bopst on said:

    Circus Peanuts. It hurts just sayin’ it.

  8. Smarties are the bestest!!

  9. Kelly/Lauren do you mean the Mary Jane’s? They’re rather similar to bit o’honey. I second the circus peanuts. I hate those with a white hot passion.

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