The roof is on fire


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Matthew McDonald

I see you.

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  1. Whoa, where is this?

  2. on grace street near 3rd street. It burned over the summer, still looks like this.

  3. Of course it does.

  4. That area of grace st is awesome by the way. People should build things there and make it awesome.

  5. I mean, I go to Perly’s constantly?

  6. So that is like Monroe Ward / Linden Row I guess? Maybe too far down to be Linden Row.

    I think we will start to see more people moving into actual-factual downtown. I know there were supposed to be some condos going in around 4th & Main.

  7. yeah but there needs to be more than perly’s. which i am against because the one time i went there for breakfast they were our of everything pretty much.

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