Bye Bye Di


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Matthew McDonald

I see you.

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  1. This is the suckiest thing that has ever happened in life?

  2. yeah they could have at least painted something cool there. but no lets just make it white…. white paint on brick.

  3. Yeah. It would have been better to spend the time / money stripping the paint instead of painting over it.

  4. Stripping’s supposed to only happen inside the joint.

  5. Maybe the white paint is primer and they’re going to take one of the images from the side of their Hummer and transpose it on the wall as an enticement to avoid taking that exit from I-95.

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  7. UGH! That place is pissing me off! I am tired of their stupid spotlights, and now they have taken away another of Richmond’s awesome quirky qualities. Bastards! And I love strip joints!

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