Which is worse: the heat or the cold?

Which is worse: the blistering heat of RVA Summer 2010 or the bitter, snow-plagued cold of RVA Winter 2009/2010?

According to Weather Dan, “Sunday’s high of 99 marked the 15th straight day of temperatures at or above 90 degrees, the 34th day at or above 90 since the first of June, and the 39th day since January first.”


This got us thinking. Which is worse: the blistering heat of RVA Summer 2010 or the bitter, snow-plagued cold of RVA Winter 2009/2010?

Tell us your thoughts.

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Valerie Catrow

Valerie Catrow is editor of RVAFamily, mother to a mop-topped first grader, and always really excited to go to bed.

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  1. Ugh heat sucks! The cold is energizing…and you can always put more clothes on, but at some point you cana be naked and still hot.

  2. Here’s the thing. Richmond winters are generally terrible because snow is in short supply, so all you have left is bitter cold that is made worse by lots of wind. Last year was an exception and it was grand.

    The summer heat is inescapable. Lots of sunshine and all you want to do is hide out in the AC.

    RVA heat is the worst.

    Also…. I am thankful to never again (hopefully) experience a vinyl seat in a car that has been sitting in the summer sun all day with shorts on. It’s still hot, but the backs of my knees and legs are just hot… not scalded.

  3. Mel on said:

    I’ll take the hot and steamy over the freezing cold any day!!! In fact, it might as well be winter in my office. I’m dying….it’s so cold. I wish I could move my desk outside.

  4. Liberty on said:

    the heat is worse because of the sweat, nothing oozes out of the skin when your cold

  5. The cold is always worse. My bones don’t hurt in the heat and humidity of the summer. Trust me, even though it’s hot here, there are A LOT hotter places than this. Try Atlanta in August.

  6. I’m a huge fan of the heat. I can’t say I’m necessarily fond of temperatures above 100, but I’m happy with 90s all summer, especially if the humidity abates a bit. Hot and sticky isn’t necessarily my favorite, but I feel much more comfortable when sunlight is readily available and I don’t have to put on three or four layers just to venture outside.

    Kamen makes a great point about winter in Richmond – usually it’s the lack of snow that makes everyone miserable. This year it was just the opposite; Richmond averages 12.5” of snow annually. The winter of 2009-10 saw 28.0.” By comparison, the winters of 2006-07 and 2007-08 saw 1.3” and 0.8,” respectively.

    As for our snow chances this winter, the Climate Prediction Center’s outlook for December 2010 and Jan-Feb 2011 doesn’t look good: http://www.cpc.noaa.gov/products/predictions/long_range/lead05/off05_prcp.gif

    Something to chew on while you’re hiding out in the AC.

  7. As the barista at the Carytown Starbucks told me, “You can’t put your finger on Virginia.” Insert your joke here.

  8. Jonathan on said:

    It may just be due to the fact that I was born in the cold in New England, but I definitely prefer the cold to the heat. There are things you can do to combat the cold – put on another layer, run around, do the running man, etc. When it’s hot, air conditioning is your only salvation.

    Plus, I hate sweating from anything other than exercise or manual labor activities!

  9. BOPST on said:

    the cold cost me more money, but I sleep better in it.

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