Richmond 3rd most tattooed city in the US

According to the Today Show, Richmond ranks just below Miami Beach (#1) and Las Vegas (#2) in tattooedness (sure, it could be a word).

According to the Today Show, Richmond ranks just below Miami Beach (#1) and Las Vegas (#2) in tattooedness (sure, it could be a word).

Here’s what they had to say:

Perhaps most surprising on our list is the city of Richmond, Va., which averages about 14.5 tattoo shops per 100,000 people — and that’s just within the city itself. Likely boosting its numbers is its big arts and college community, and the fact that the surrounding suburbs and cities contain plenty more tattoo shops — the most of which per capita appeared in the small town of Colonial Heights, which has five shops for just under 17,000 residents.

See the entire list here.

We’d love to know how many of our readers are sporting some ink. Leave a comment if you’re tatted up, y’all!

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  1. lindsey on said:

    i have two tattoos! always nice to see rva in the media for something that isn’t negative!

  2. I know!

    I’ve got one and love it so.

  3. I think I’m the only one in the area that does not and will not have a tattoo, but that’s ok.

  4. I’ve always liked the way full sleeves look but I would never be able to get one. Mostly because I can’t imagine liking something enough or having something play a huge enough role in my life to have it permanently etched into my body. D:

  5. I think RVA has some of the best looking Tattooed folks. and when I say RVA I am not talking to those suburb moms at the pool with 5 kids who cant get in the pool because they just got a new lower back tattoo. We need laws!!!

  6. I’m with you, Maxie. I won’t do it. It will be interesting to see the number of tattoo-removal doctors who are going to be loving business in 10-15 years. I’m sorry, but the awesome Chinese symbol/animal/mythological beast/barb wire tat you got a few years ago will look ridiculous on your 50 year old skin.

  7. Olivia on said:

    I have 6. It’s awesome how such a small city can make it into news like this haha.

  8. Momof3 on said:

    I am 48 and have 5. I was getting tattoos long before they were vogue (the first around 15-16 y/o) and had 3 by age 20. Then I spent many years trying to explain them or cover them up. I added 2 within the last few years both where they can be seen. Having said that, I still believe they tend to make you look less professional AND people do not consider how their bodies/skin will change over time and may be sorry for some of their choices.

  9. I have over 100 hours of tattoos done and can’t wait to get more. I have my next 6 tattoos planned.

  10. I’ve been surprised at how common visible tattoos are becoming in white collar jobs. I’ve worked at a few places now where it was perfectly fine to have visible tattoos. I think we have some incredible artists here in rva and it seems like there’s a pretty widespread appreciation for their art.

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