Oscars recap

Ok, guys. What did you think? Did the right people win? Is Hugh Jackman a true song and dance man? For the complete list of winners, go here.

Ok, guys. What did you think? Did the right people win? Is Hugh Jackman a true song and dance man?

For the complete list of winners, go here.

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Valerie Catrow

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  1. I think the right people won, for sure.
    I really think that if Ledger were still alive, Hoffman might have taken it, but sometimes you just have to give the people what they want.
    My wife was pissed about Best Actor, but I see Rourke as a Golden Globe dude anyway. It was probably his last chance to be nominated, but you can’t fork over the bald man just for sentimentality. Especially when sentimentality may have played a roll in Best Supporting Actor.

  2. I mean, would they really not have given it to Heath Ledger? I will say I think he deserved it for sure, but who wants to be the dude that took the Oscar from him?

  3. Mariane on said:

    You can’t technically take an Oscar from a dead man. He doesn’t know and doesn’t care, so it’s like a big funeral. It just comforts the living. But, still, he was really good in that role. If you can’t believe the same guy in Brokeback Mountain was the Joker in Dark Knight, that’s acting.

  4. My favorite part was when Jack Black said “ANYWAY YOU GUYS.”

  5. Liberty on said:

    as soon as hugh jackman started singin and dancin i turned the channel to top 100 funny videos, which was way better, then i tried the oscars again and heard the high school grad. sean penn tell me all about politics and some other jerks tell me how God loves homos, it was great comedy. mickey rourke was robbed, the academy dosent like catholics. All somone needs to do to win an oscar is make a movie about a commie homosexual.

  6. Those who don’t attend university shouldn’t be allowed to vote, men should not be aloud to sing, and god HATES homos.

    America! F&*^ yea!

  7. Liberty on said:

    those with less knowledge should lecture, and even though the bible says homosex is sinful its not cause hollywood says so, lol, and if you didnt like hugh jackmans singing then you think no man should sing, lol

  8. Liberty on said:

    as the wise liberal says diversity for all except those opinions i dont agree with, cause thats hate.

  9. Wow. Didn’t expect this post to go in *that* direction.

  10. Robinitaface on said:

    So – Beyonce lip-syncing for Jesus while Hugh sings it live? Sasha ain’t so fierce is she?

  11. Yeah I noticed that. FIERCE FAIL.

  12. I don’t even know who’s saying what, here. From here out, I demand that all sarcasm should be set off by quotation marks so that I don’t get confused. “Not that I get confused ever.”

  13. I know. I just can’t tell who’s kidding anymore.

  14. For the record: I’m kidding.

    And the lip-syncing sucked. Wolverine didn’t lip-sync…because he’s actually fierce.

  15. Liberty on said:

    i thought my tv was broke and that there was no way he was lip-sinking, no respect for the syncers, i think american idol secretly syncs, the strobe effect of digital tv makes it harder to tell if someone is syncing, i dont like what digital tv does to the picture quality especially around the mouth,

  16. whackamole on said:

    “especially around the mouth”

    Yeah, you right.

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