Live blogging a mayoral forum: part two

Guys, it continues. Last time on RVANews + Mayors = Hearts: we powered through spotty internet connections to provide you with the livest possible thoughts on the five mayoral candidates. What was said shall live on in history. This time: more of the same. Let it begin!

Guys, it continues.

Last time on RVANews + Mayors = Hearts: we powered through spotty internet connections to provide you with the livest possible thoughts on the five mayoral candidates. What was said shall live on in history.

This time: more of the same. Let it begin!

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  1. Looks like things are about to begin. I’ve seen a couple of the candidates so far…

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  3. I just saw Paul Goldman in the lobby. I actually gasped and pointed. Oh, local politics.

  4. I’ve voulunteered to take serious type notes. Mostly because Suze and Val told me I’m not allowed to make jokes after 6pm.

  5. john m on said:

    we’re here, WRIR is here, Chan.6 is here but will be leaving after a while.

  6. Is it “mayORal” or “MAYoral,” because I’ve been saying it the second way.

  7. The journalist panel got to bring their drinks in here, but we didn’t. WTF? I’m a million months pregnant.

  8. The topic for tonight: Education and the Cultural Landscape.

    Which gets more air time? Education or Culture?

  9. The crowd of 150 or so skews older, white, and failry well-dressed. Make of that what you will.


  11. oooh Grey *is* tall.

  12. And I was standing next to a pregnant woman! You really should have huffed and puffed more. And looked wan.

  13. Let’s note that none of the candidates are wearing any flag lapel pins.

  14. HISTORY OOOOOOOZES, says Pantele.

  15. The Media Panel: Brandon Reynolds, Michael Paul Williams, Sandra Jones. The folks have composed the questions all by themselves. Later on a few questions from the audience.


    * Arts and cultural institutions, architecture, “history that oozes with every step you take,” and the james river are things that make RIchmond awesome.
    * Will bring arts and cultural institutions together to show them off to the world.
    * Example: slavery museum in RVA.
    * “But I say to you, we already have the American Slavery Museum.”
    * Public Education: “bottom up approach.”

  18. Williams reminds us that he is an architect, take a drink.

  19. Williams says to make middle schools “cultural institutes” to catch young people at a critical point in their lives. Interesting point. But I wonder how that will happen in a practical sense.

    * Hey, I’m an artist too!
    * Arts community creates a … creative class
    * 60’s shaped by their arts, let’s get back to that.
    * Make middle schools cultural institutes that teach skills in social development, technical trade, and arts.
    * Nothing of substaintialness has ever been created in the african american community — in contrast to short pump.

  21. Paul Goldman likes to start stuff, I think.

    * Who remembers who’s idea it was for a popularly elected mayor? IT WAS ME!
    * The VHS was opened in 1936, near the bottom of the depression, and is the best state supported museum in the country.
    * Teachers aren’t qualified
    * Pantele said Goldman was misrepresenting!

  23. Yeah he seems scrappy, for sure.

  24. Are we also taking drinks each time Jones mentions the General Assembly/ that he was a delegate?

    * City cannot be great without a vibrant cultural landscape
    * “I’ve never seen a bill for the arts that I didn’t like”
    * Provide state funding for Center Stage
    * How do we continue the vibrancy downtown brought by Folk, 2nd Street, First Firday
    * Need to fix the drop out rate.
    * Public school purist, but thinks we need someone with radical ideas.
    * Need to reverse the trend of families leaving (middle class families) the city when their kids reach middle school age.

  26. “broad street at the arts corridor”

    Anyone remember ACME, citizen gallery, bicycle gallery?

    * Build a regional capital of Richmond that is the center for sports, recreation, arts, entertainment.
    * Broad St. is transforming into an arts corridor
    * We need a leader that will go to City Hall and present a professional, not political, posture.

  28. Robert Grey seems so soft spoken and genteel. Oh and he’s still tall.

  29. Brandon Reynolds is SO HIP!!

  30. GWAR, municipal waste, special ed & the short bus name checked in the first question…

  31. I mean that with all sincerity. I love that the coiffed in this room are hearing the name “Gwar”. I wish he had showed a video.

  32. I wonder if Pantele has ever heard of GWAR.

  33. Pantele demotes VCU to #2 art school in the country. Take that, fuckers.

  34. The question was: is culture created from the top down or the bottom up?

  35. Williams drags this back to middle schools. WAIT FOR IT… WAIT FOR IT…

  36. Paul Goldman telling it like it is.

  37. Paul Goldman suggests promoting the “creative class.”

  38. Whoa Goldman “tells it like it is,” and won’t promise anything because there is no money.

  39. Imagine that.

  40. Jones has twice associated “The Arts” with “The Arts Center Being Built Downtown”.

  41. Um, we did have a Richmond Idol…

  42. “Richmond Idol” as a candidate response to the question of Richmond arts is unacceptable (Jones, I’m talking to you. Via liveblog.)

  43. (Valerie’s enormous belly keeps catching at my peripheral vision.)

  44. Robert Grey might be a renaissance man – he once acted at the Firehouse Theater.

  45. Grey sharing some humor… that’s nice. I wonder if someone has video of his acting at Firehouse?

  46. Q1. Do you Agree that culture is something you can administrate?
    Brandon Reynolds
    * No. We should be known for our public art and our facilitation of arts. We need someone in city hall to act as a liaison between the govt and an individual artist.
    * We need to invest in people. Lets improve the arts school at VCU. Also improve arts programs at public schools.
    * We need to figure out what excited young kids in middle schools, artswise.
    * We are facing a fiscal crisis. We will be lucky to have the money to fund what we have now, there is no money for new programs.
    * Most artists don’t want the government involved.
    * We need to promote the creative class, that is what makes your city awesome.
    * Culture is the vibrant and passionate soul of the city.
    * Programs are what is important.
    * Be a more hospital community to artists
    * Maybe we should have Richmond Idol to find the talent in our city.
    * Grey used to act at the firehouse theatre
    * Creative class is really important

  47. Q2. What do you see is the proper relationship between the Mayor and the School System. What is your stance on elected school boards

  48. Question: what are your views on elected versus appointed school board?

  49. Gosh… Williams is not an engaging speaker at all… I’m zoning out.

  50. I’m starting to really look forward to Goldman’s responses. I like how Williams looks a little misty when he speaks before him, and then Goldman SHOOTS EVERYTHING DOWN.

  51. Goldman on the other hand is fascinating to me.

  52. Guys I hearted GOldman’s last response about no money. I mean true right?

  53. Williams ran last time. DID HE LEARN NOTHING?

  54. Jones denounces “personality driven politics”.

  55. Poll: who’s got the best suit on?

  56. Grey wins because he’s tall. Tall always wins.

  57. Jones looks pretty sharp.

  58. Flabbergasted

  59. Grey explains that calling for an appointed school board was a good diagnosis, but the wring cure. Cites numbers etc about how RPS needs improvement.

    Pantele remembers being appalled, mentions Charlotte. Fuck Charlotte.

  60. Q2. What do you see is the proper relationship between the Mayor and the School System. What is your stance on elected school boards.
    * All school board people should be elected.
    * School board people don’t have an office or a liaison
    * The mayor needs to establish a “people’s vision” that then goes into a budget.
    * Make middle schools centers for a community so services can be provided there and money saved or put back into schools
    * Guys, seriously. I set up this mayor thing.
    * Mayor should follow the city of the future plan
    * Mayor has to work with the school board to get the money.
    * School system is the most bloated in the state
    * Strength is in collaboration, unlike the “personality driven politics”
    * No more fiascos, or school board evictions
    * Lots of numbers about the graduation rate and other dismal RPS stats
    * “The letter” was pretty crappy? (The letter was to abolish the elected school board)
    * Supports Elected School Boards
    * The Letter was a BOMB THROWN. It divided the city.
    * The School Board and the Mayor are partners

  61. Ooooh the subject of truancy. I have things to say about that.

  62. Q4. Do you think truancy plays a role in Richmond’s crime problem. If so, how do you get kids engaged?
    Sandy Jones

  63. Fix the schools to fix the neighborhoods, or fix the neighborhoods to fix the schools?

  64. Or they are winding up at your media table…. *gasp*

  65. Goldman might be heading his own straight talk express.

  66. JOnes: truancy, crime = deep problem

  67. Is it weird that when I think about truancy I think about Tom Sawyer fishing down by the river with a stick?

  68. Children who get pregnant get pregnant between 3 and 6 pm… just FYI.

  69. Jones: We need to change the culture.

  70. Grey was the chairman of the chamber of commerce, too? What *hasn’t* he done. I guess be mayor.

  71. Dan – How did you find that out? Is Lynne Spears there??

  72. William J. “Bill” likes to tell us about what other cities have been doing. Hasn’t he been president of City Council here for a while? Couldn’t he make some of these things happen already?

  73. Alicia – Dwight Jones told us.

  74. Pantele blames truancy and misbehavior on kids not reading grade level. Seems like a dodge to me.

  75. The cause of truancy according to:
    Pantele – poor reading level
    Williams – embarrassment bc they never took the SOLs

  76. Q4. Do you think truancy plays a role in Richmond’s crime problem. If so, how do you get kids engaged?
    Sandy Jones
    * We need a technical Charter School
    * There has been some posturing from the city government
    * Need a dedicated group that works with truancy
    * U-Turn is a wonderful program
    * Keep the schools open longer
    * Change the culture so kids have something to do
    * Easy to speak from a negative point of view
    * Got 6M$ to deal with at risk youth from the business community, the programs from it are still going on today
    * The mayor took over truancy from the school board and things look pretty good.
    * Likes Charleston’s approach: returned truant children to principles instead of detention centers.
    * Kids are truant because they aren’t at grade level and can’t keep up.
    * Truant issues relate to “pre-SOL” kids. Kids are embarassed, so they just don’t go to school.
    * Until you rework the neighborhoods, you are wasting the kids education dollar

  77. I think I like what WIlliams says… but he needs speaking lessons.

  78. Q5. How are you going to sell the City outside of Richmond. How will you sell Richmond to its citizens?
    Scott G.

  79. Williams: Rework the neighborhoods or you are wasting your education dollars. (see also)

  80. THEY’RE GOING TO SELL OUR CITY?? To Charlottesville, I bet. Assholes.

  81. I like watching Goldman’s face as he’s listening to the other candidates.

  82. Candidates: y’all should hear Ralph White talk about Richmond. He makes it sound EXCITING. Rapids and eagles and shit.

  83. Pantele gets excited about Grace Street bursting alive and downtown oozing with history. Just saying.

  84. Williams says we want to be the most “liveable” city in America. Also, he’s an architect.

  85. blah blah blah vision of the city blah blah livable city blah

    Williams alludes to his background as an architect. Can I get a “middle schools”?

  86. From the top floor… is that top down leadership?!?

  87. Paul Goldman believes in tough love, I think. Tough love of pwning.

  88. Pantele looks nervous when Goldman talks.


    Goldman says that we need to create more jobs. He riffed on that here at more length.

  90. Q5. How are you going to sell the City outside of Richmond. How will you sell Richmond to its citizens?
    Scott G.
    * Hands on approach to Economic development
    * Find out what it is that Richmond has to sell and then sell it.
    * We already have something to sell: the culture and arts.
    * Going to bring a professional attitude to city hall.
    * Make city hall more efficient
    * When the counties respect Richmond the country will
    * ???
    * It is important for the Mayor to show off Richmond to other mayors as a great capital city
    * Should clearly identify what the priorities of the city are
    * We want to be the most livable city in America.
    * Good urban arts mayor with Williams
    * Start strategic planning initiatives
    * Wait, wait, wait. Who got this popularly elected mayor?
    * Mayor has to *do* the job in addition to sell Richmond.
    * Got to work 24/7 and not just be a salesman

  91. Q6. As mayor do you think a CHarter School is the answer? Or maybe some other option?
    Sandra Jones

  92. Mmmm…. cookies

  93. Paul Goldman is hilarious! He reminds so much of this guy:

  94. Grey says the time has come for charter schools.

  95. Pantele – THe issue is parents not having confidence in RPS. 10,000 or so kids in RVA do not attend public schools.

  96. Pantele suggests a Northside IB program, arguing it’s too expensive *not* to do it.

  97. andi on said:

    I’m reading! And Goldman chatted me up at the Folk Festival.

  98. Williams brings up neighborhoods again, but it’s going to take some core families being dedicated to staying there and keeping their kids in city schools. It seems people aren’t willing to be the guinea pigs, which makes sense.

  99. I bet Goldman can make more money being a standup comedian.

  100. Goldman:We can’t even have a charter school in this city with out it becoming a racial issue.

  101. I <3 Goldman

  102. I think Jones kinda loves Goldman.

  103. next question: why are you such a douche?

  104. Q6. As mayor do you think a CHarter School is the answer? Or maybe some other option?
    Sandra Jones
    * Charter school’s time has come
    * Take ideas from the charter schools and stick them in public schools
    * Transportation will be difficult but we can figure it out
    * The real issue with the charter school was parents not having confidence in the public schools
    * 10k school age kids in the city don’t attend public schools
    * Middle school is a crisis point for parents
    * I support giving parents options
    * We have IB, expand the slots there. Add a northside IB.
    * Stabilize the neighborhood first.
    * Neighborhoods are critical.
    * Great neighborhoods attract families, not necessarily great schools
    * Worked with the parents and Keith West to rewrite the contract for the school.
    * Charter school is not a racial issue
    * Has a record of *actually* doing things
    * We are going to have Charter Schools
    * Charter school law was written very narrowly. Since the local school board is responsible they are terrified of screwing up (at the end of the day).
    * Need to think outside of the box — talk to the educational experts.
    * Ask UR, VCU, VUU to establish middle schools

  105. Q6.5 Would you have voted for the Patrick Henry Charter School
    Jason Roop
    PANTELE: Yes
    JONES: I think so

  106. I kid I kid!

  107. Would you have voted for the Patrick Henry Charter School? Pantele: yes, Williams: yes, Goldman: of course, Jones: I think so, Grey: aye.

  108. Oops Ross just posted that. Um, Grey is still tall.

  109. Q7. What innovative proposals would you bring to improve Richmond Schools? How do you feel about a regional school system

  110. There is a lot of talk about charter and magnet schools… which I’m sure would be good for the smartest kids and those with the best parents… but what about the rest of the kids?

  111. Pantele, Williams, and Jones have all mentioned a need to make a radical rethink about middle schools

  112. Shotguns vs Lasers! Go!

  113. Shotguns win!

  114. Williams: “The SOLs are terrible at Chandler” so build a new building there, build a new MLK School (which is fully accredited, btw)

  115. Williams is NOT amused by Goldman.

  116. or something smells bad.

  117. They all keep saying that we need to build the best educational system possible. OH! Why didn’t anyone think of that?

  118. I’m so confused about how universities can be involved in creating middle schools (Jones).

  119. Jones: Calls for the business community to get involved in schools, we must deal with the economics of the situation.

  120. Grey brings up year-round school. I think that has merit, but we’re having trouble getting them to come to school anyway.

  121. Q7. What innovative proposals would you bring to improvestudent performance in Richmond? How do you feel about a regional school system and student reassignment based on family income?
    * The city has no ability to enforce a regional school system.
    * We need to strengthen RCPS’s schools so they are superior to the county.
    * Arts focused and Math & Sci focused middle schools
    * Take a laser approach
    * Need a new middle school at “Chandler” to make a new community
    * On one side of MLK bridge is MCV, the other side is separate and unequal.
    * We could create two school districts in the city. One with its own school board, and separate budget. It could be very innovative. It is something to think about.
    * Parental involvement offices in schools, like in England.
    * Need to deal with the decentralize poverty
    * Engage the business and university communities
    * Can’t depend on the county, must depend on ourselves
    * We need a leader to work with the school board and the superintendent
    * Build new communities around new schools in vacant “areas” — Dove Court
    * Need to be influenced by new ideas.
    * Parents need to be able to have school choice.

  122. Q8. As mayor do you support public and private partnerships and how do we ensure transparency? (Center Stage & Performing Arts Center)

  123. Q: How would you ensure transparency in future public-private enterprises?

    Williams: I was an architect. Lets figure out the price per square foot? WFT? …. Lets work on the middle schools! (seriously, I’m not making this up)

  124. I think we’ve established that Williams loves middle schools and anecdotes.

  125. Oh, Williams is AWARE that he keeps hammering away at middle schools, y’all!

  126. Goldman kind of invades Williams’ space every that he (Goldman) speaks.

  127. Where is Don when we need him? I really can’t get past the “y’all fucked up” take on CenterStage before spacing out.

  128. Grey may have lost my vote tonight… just fyi

  129. zzzz

  130. OK testing a thing about this clunky website

  131. Grey: It is easy to be negative, but it is going to be built and completed an Sept.09.

    Pantele: All public monies have to be accountable. Good people endured being insulted, vilified, slandered. “Shame on the people who did so”.

  132. Pantele does a “shame on” to everyone who criticized the performing arts center. Where is Save Richmond when we need them?

  133. I retract my statement, this website is sleek and sophisticated with its on-the-spot technical support.

  134. We should set up a BINGO game for the next forum. Squares could include: Broad Street revitalization, middle schools, performing arts center, architect, and so forth.

  135. Do I regret not being there tonight? Does next week promise to be scrappier? Is anyone wearing penny loafers?

  136. Jason Roop is a fan of the yes or no question. Thus, I am a fan of Jason Roop.

  137. Q8. As mayor do you support public and private partnerships and how do we ensure transparency? (Center Stage & Performing Arts Center)
    Brandon Reynolds
    * City should be catalyst in the arts community. Manchester = Soho.
    * Get a collegiate atmosphere in the middleschools
    * Call it a “cultural institute”
    * Original project was a “complete boondoggle”
    * If you can live off the public treasury you can do marvelous things.
    * This city has a fiscal crisis and someone needs to face it
    * Center Stage is not our own “bridge to nowhere”
    * Needs transparency
    * “Help is on the way”
    * How could someone attack the project?
    * It will be build and completed
    * The performaing arts center is on time and on budget
    * All public monies have to be accountable
    * Never seen anything like what endured in the performing arts center, poor people.
    * National is going to be one of the city’s biggest tax payers
    * Glad to support

  138. Q8.5. Would you be infavor of opening the records of all Public/Private partnerships
    Jason Roop
    GOLDMAN: Yes
    JONES: Yes
    GREY: Yes it’s required by law. Jason Roop Disagrees
    PANTELE: Yes to the extent of public monies as I’ve stated

  139. I’m bored.

  140. Q9. I kind of missed this question. I think it was about schools working harder to do something about nutrition?

  141. ” I think it was about schools working harder to do something about nutrition?”

    in a time of recesssion

  142. Sarvey – We’ve got video of this one… you can enjoy it later.

  143. Guys, guys, don’t forget:


  144. Someone please tell Mr.Pantele that the kids get breakfast at school, too.

  145. The question had to do with helping out with maintaining good health and nutrition for school age children, particularly in this economic situation.

  146. I literally just thought of only Sonic the Hedgehog for at least five minutes.

  147. Is it kind of f***ed up that the National will be on of the city’s biggest taxpayers?

  148. Q9. I kind of missed this question. I think it was about schools working harder to do something about nutrition?
    * We need a level playing feild. He talked about the previous question.
    * He’s got a whole plan on community health.
    * We’ve got to take advantage of preexisting health systems
    * We should collaborate because it gives us more resources
    * Breakfast program is good
    * Kids (and my wife — Ed.) are grumpy if they are tired
    * Yes we want to increase the budget of social services
    * You know guys, we should get our neighborhoods together
    * Middle schools with social services in them are important

  149. Perhaps the candidates should check out the Harlem Childrens Zone:

  150. Question 100: What do you guys think of, say, middle schools?

  151. FYI – None of the candidates cited that nekkid thing at Gallery 5 as their best art recent experience.

    Pantele cites that fish project as something cool. “We should be know for that”

  152. Pantele wasn’t interested in art until the fish project.

  153. Susan is completely not paying attention right now.

  154. Williams: middle school, neighborhood, middle school, neighborhoods

  155. Every other city has had an equivalent fish project. Like forty times.

  156. John Murden is a tattletale.

  157. Q10. What is the most meaningful cultural thing you’ve attended recently
    Jason Roop
    * 2nd Street Festival
    * “The exhibitions throughout the city.”
    * In-light festival
    * First Fridays
    * Fish Project
    * First Fridays
    * Fridays at Sunset
    * Southside Family Reunion
    * Sundays at my church
    * Son playing guitar
    * 2nd Street

  158. Q11. How would you grow tourism, and what role do you feel the city government in promoting tourism.

  159. Guys Susan is obviously enthralled. She just sent me this:

  160. Susan, what the hell.

  161. testing

  162. Ugh, Ross. Et tu, Brute?

    It had a really relevant meaning, namely that I feel that this forum is us trying to find the “chaos emerald” without hitting the “goal that is really a trap” while also collecting “enough rings to get an extra life.”

  163. Add trolley to the BINGO card. And condo.

  164. I mean they’re all just dissolving into weird cheap shots and rhetoric and magnificent plans for the future that will never happen.

  165. Can you imagine if Dirtwoman was up on the stage right now?

  166. NOW GOLDMAN IS SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE. Put some broads on Monument.

  167. Pantele for Tourism Leader
    Williams for City Planner
    Goldman for Mastermind
    Jones for Pastor
    Grey for Chamber of Commerce guy

  168. Goldman wants to put a woman on Monument Avenue. AWHAAAA?

  169. But Daniel, who will be the mayor?

  170. John Murden for Mayor

  171. Q11. How would you grow tourism, and what role do you feel the city government in promoting tourism.
    * An awfully important role.
    * Government needs to be an enabler
    * Mayor needs to be a cheerleader
    * You’ll see tourism like you’ve never seen before
    * We are afraid to explore or exploit what we have: anacrow’s point, james river, slave burial ground, galleries, science musuem
    * Jobs and economy grow from tourism
    * Less PR for the mayor and director for local tourism
    * Downtown trolley circulator
    * Mayor needs to know how to create a good sense of place
    * Nurture young artists and inspire the next gen
    * Need a tourism director
    * We need a theme
    * 2020 will be the 100th anniversary of the suffrage movement. But there are no women on monument ave.
    * We need to tell our story and develop our river
    * Tell the whole story
    * Be the promoter of “everything that is good about the city of Richmond”


  173. Q12. If you could reccomend one piece of programing to bring to Richmond what would it be?
    Jason Roop


  175. Apparently Williams wants to bring a murder mystery here? Maybe he means one of those murder mystery dinners?

  176. Q12. If you could reccomend one piece of programing to bring to Richmond what would it be?
    Jason Roop
    * Bon Jovi
    * A play — ???
    * Caine Mutiny remake
    * OPRAH! (Color Purple)
    * A play starring Robert Grey

  177. Set in a middle school.

  178. Perhaps the monument should be of Dirtwoman.

  179. perhaps I was a bad choice for this.

  180. No, no. We can’t forget the fallen comrades.

  181. I agree with Dan, John M for mayor

  182. Seriously for brief moment: any of these guys would be a decent mayor. Yay us!

  183. I hope Paul Goldman can see a kindred spirit reflected in the bluish laptop glare on my face. Maybe he will take me to eat, because I am starving.

  184. I agree with John. I don’t see myself saying “UGH” over any of these guys, really.

  185. I don’t know… I’ve ughed a couple of times tonight…

  186. BTW, John just keeps looking at the Dirtwoman picture and laughing.

  187. We missed a perfect moment by not getting those signatures. DW 2012!

  188. I’m doing the same thing.

  189. Val, did your baby stand up and dance during anybody’s statement? Or would Eddie Vedder need to be a candidate for that to happen?

    * This is about choosing a leader that gets results, with his leadership style.
    * K – 12 is critical to our city
    * Richmond needs a unifier.
    * Someone who has been in all sectors of community life
    * Helped Warner and Wilder in their Governor transition period
    * Someone, I can’t quite recall who, came up with this crazy elected mayor idea.
    * Need a “good urban mayor” with a clear vision: “Richmond, the most livable city in America.”
    * Richmond can be a cooler greater city
    * Got into this race to see Richmond fulfill it’s promise
    * Gonna work it out with council

  191. bye!

  192. Next forum is Tuesday October 28th at the Library of Virginia.

  193. Jennifer C. on said:

    Thanks for that, guys – it was very entertaining. This is what minutes are like if they’re compiled from the notes confiscated by the teacher during class.
    Goldman spent a lot of time at the festival – I couldn’t get near him on the way in or out. I didn’t see anyone else stumping.

  194. Now that is a summary.

    Hey, what’s going to happen to the video that Daniel was shooting tonight? Please, please, please post the clip of the candidates answering the “programming the CenterStage” question. Seeing and hearing how they answered is just as good as the answers themselves.

  195. Yes, could you PLEASE post that part of the video? Pretty please? I was there doing spit takes in the back of the hall. Good job, you livebloggers!

  196. I’ll try to get the video to all of the questions online for the world to enjoy. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow sometime.

  197. tommy on said:

    mmmmmm… video…

  198. Hay! Hay Everybody Harry Caray here coming to you live from the mayoral debates! They were really great, really. Loved ’em. Hay! Whaddyacallit when you have five people participating in a single debate? A massdebate, get it? I don’t really, just heard it from a guy I know, sounded like something good to say! Anyone got a budweiser and, hay! Aren’t I dead?

  199. Well, who needs sleep… here is the first clip… the programming question about CenterStage. Enjoy:

    If you have other priority clips or questions you want let me know and I’ll make them a priority.

  200. Scott Burger on said:

    Thanks. Sounds like an interesting evening.

    I urge people to reread the part about making Center Stage more transparent. The really shameful thing is that the schools are competing for attention and money with downtown development, and the arts center in particular.

    Now that the City is degrading into budget crisis mode, what is more of a priority? I remind that the City schools building conditions are currently violating federal law.

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  202. Jeff E. on said:

    Thanks so much guys for the live blog. Though I didn’t actually read it live I’ve spent the better part of a half hour this morning catching up on all the posts and getting absolutely no work done. I agree with John about the candidates… for the most part they truly seem to be in touch with what’s going on in the City and understand where work needs to be done. Unlike the Presidential election where the rule seems to be choosing between the lesser of two evils, we have 5 qualified candidates who care about this City. I’d like to think that blogs like this have helped engage the Richmond citizenry and raise the bar for political discussion. The current candidates know the citizens are increasingly educated about the way the City runs and what direction it needs to go so they have in turn had to take their campaigns to the next level. Keep up the good work!

  203. That was awesome. I missed it “live”, but I really enjoyed the post this morning.

  204. me too.

  205. So, we’ll do more with this… but the video of all of the questions are up here:

  206. Daniel:

    Thanks for putting up that programming clip. Is there any way to get a clip of just the line of answers that accompanied the CenterStage/transparency part, including Jason’s “yes or no” direct question to the candidates? That would be very educational.

    That was the passage where Mr. Grey insisted that CenterStage was transparent and open to FOIA. Here is the clause in the city’s comprehensive agreement that says otherwise:

    ****Section 20 (c) of the Comprehensive Agreement – Financial Statements: ”On a periodic basis, as requested by the City, …the LLLP and the Foundation shall furnish the City with current and complete financial statements…financial statements submitted as required by this subsection will not be subject to public disclosure.”*****

    Shame on me for pointing out facts.

  207. Yes, that is always your problem Don. As you should well know, facts have no place in modern journalism…

  208. johnalso on said:

    I am surprised you all missed one of the most interesting things (well in my mind). With the question on tourism, Pantele offered that we need a Tourism leader. My thought was.. and it was pointed out.. that the head of the tourism bureau was there. So, if we already have the position, and someone is in the position, then why is tourism such a problem? Hmm…i wonder!!! Might it be time for new blood in town?

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