Did you vote? How did it go?

Today is voting day! Let us know in the comments how things went.

Today is voting day! Let us know how things went.

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Valerie Catrow

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  1. It went fine. I got to EDI in Church Hill and there was a long line, but it was for I-Z and I’m an F. I was able to skip the whole line and vote without any wait. I felt like I won the lottery!

  2. I voted at Ginter Park library. The people working the polls were wonderful (as usual) and there was no real wait.

  3. I vote at Forest Hill Presbyterian Church, went in around 9:15, no lines and saw 6 other voters, either leaving or finishing up. When I was leaving there was a line of about 5 in the “A” line.

  4. Voted at Carver Elementary. One other person there and only one annoying lady out front trying to hand out crap. Super quick and easy.

  5. Hugh Jarse on said:

    In and out in less than 5 minutes in VA-3. The western Henrico precincts I saw looked a little busier, but not exactly buzzing with activity either.

  6. Voted at about 6:15a at Imperial Plaza on the Northside. Walked right in, voted, got my sticker, walked out. Does anyone agree that the voting machine feels like an old video game? If Pac Man came up at the end, I wouldn’t be surprised. Would like for the whole thing to feel a little more legitimate. However, LOVE participating in the political process!

  7. Voted a bit after 8 this morning, no line but there were about 5 other people at the voting tables…we don’t have machines in my polling place, just got to bubble in the scantron sheet with a pen……. I wish that EVERY election had high turn-out rates, not just the presidential ones. People fought hard for this right, and we need to honor that fight by exercising our right!

  8. anonymous on said:

    I agree that voting is important and plan to do so this evening. Unfortunately, it has also been tainted along with the whole political system.

    From UrbanSurvival.com:

    Since this is voting day (and I’m planning to vote against ALL incumbents in national office since they’ve all had their time at the trough), I thought I’d pass along a fine – nearly Manifesto-length piece – by Howard Hill called Asymmetric Economics.

    In it, you can – with an open mind – get a sense of how the real voting disclosure information will not be available when we step into the voting booths today. I mean the “Who spent how much supporting this clown” information.

    Sure, sure, there are some disclosures available by outfits like OpenSecrets.org where you can look up who the big spenders are behind various candidates.

    My own congressman here in East Texas seems to have raised a fair bit of dough from bankers and pay day loan types, with retired folks being (as a group) down his list at #4 behind Insurance, Misc. Finance (payday types) and Commercial Banks.

    These things matter when I’m approaching 65 faster than desired, Social Security is getting bupkis in Cost of Living Adjustments, and members of congress get raises and their own exclusive healthcare plan, know what I mean? If you’re guessing I won’t be voting for this fellow, give yourself a green star for the day.

    I return to a familiar theme for a moment: I suggest again that if we’re gong to have bought and paid for special interest elections that we put them on eBay so we can at least get a taste of real-time transparency. As it is, the real last minute contributions won’t be disclosed until after you’ve pulled the levers.

    A number of people have argued that I’m overly harsh on the Tea Party, which had much promise in its early days. But Karl Denninger’s resignation from the group after being an active founder, echoed my own sensibilities on topic.

    Let’s all start writing to the Federal Trade Commission and complaining about a major “Truth in Labeling” problem run rampant in America lately. At some point, the word elections should be replaced with auction.

    Oh, yeah, a little more complicated than eBay auctions, but not much. The onlyh difference is that on eBay, you can see the bids real-time, in elections you can’t. On eBay you can at least see a bidder name, in elections it’s buried in the disclosure reports.

    My friend, much as I would like be able to look you in the monitor and say “This is election day” I can’t do that with a straight face.

    I calls ’em likes I see them: To me, this is Auction Day.

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