Snow Panda’s Ombak Mixes: 3. Elegy for Aeroplanes

Like old World War II prop job airplanes taxying on a runway in a distant place not of this world, or a dream perhaps.

Each day for a week, we’re releasing one track from Snow Panda’s Ombak mixes. On Wednesday, October 28, Snow Panda will perform with Ombak at Cous Cous. Today’s track is “Elegy for Aeroplanes.”


[audio:|titles=Elegy for Aeroplanes|artists=Ombak: Snow Panda Mixes]

Snow Panda says:

Sounded like old (maybe WWII) prop job airplanes taxying on a runway in a distant place not of this world, or a dream perhaps.  A mournful piece with reverence.  It’s mostly Bryan’s trombone manipulated.

Ombak’s Bryan Hooten says:

What he said.

RVAJazz says:

After the band is introduced with repetitious syntax, we’re thrown into a sea of 50,000 trombones that seem to be layered on top of one another. Low tones and high overtones nearly fill in the entire spectrum of sound. Bryan’s Mangelsdorff and Tuvan-inspired multiphonics seems to be the chief object of manipulation. Some “Espial” clicking from Jones fades in along with other fragments from the piece.

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Dean Christesen

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    This year’s Oktoberfest is again at the SHOWPLACE!
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    Take I 64 or I 295 to Route 360, then follow 360 to the Showplace. Admission $10 and you will likely spend another $20-$30 on beer tickets.

  2. I think J. Tyler Ballance’s comment sums it up the best.

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