Haiti relief benefits this weekend

Local jazz vocalist Carol Covell and musician Dave Pillsbury are up to something great. They have both organized benefits for disaster relief in Haiti to take place this weekend, weather permitting.

Pictured: An impromptu tent city set up in Haiti after the deadly earthquake hit two weeks ago. Photo by United Nations Development Programme

Local jazz vocalist Carol Covell is up to something great. She has organized a Haitian Relief Benefit to take place this Saturday at the Positive Vibe Cafe, and the amount of musicians she has mustered for the cause will keep attendees entertained for hours. “I made up my mind to do SOMETHING,” she said. “I canvassed flyers in Carytown on Saturday and got my church involved, also. It is not that big a deal…anyone could have done it.  If you make it a priority–you’ll do it.  When we help others, we help ourselves, that’s all.” Below is her message:

I’m organizing a benefit concert to raise $ for the earthquake victims of Haiti on Saturday, January 30 at the Positive Vibe Cafe, Stratford Hills shopping center.  $10.00 (per couple) ($5.00 PP) AT THE DOOR.  I have several of my musician friends stopping by to give their time and talent to help this very worthy cause. I’m urging them to tell their friends and followers to come out, as well. The music will start at noon and continue through the day until the early evening.  (Time schedule subject to change) Please call the Cafe at 804/560-9622 for more information.

I have Joe Scott, Jon Conley, Lee Covington, Randy Burton of Super64band, Calvin Farmer and Matt Harris on bass with me, Russ Hanchin & Joe Sarver, and the evening will come to a finale with a performance by Susan Greenbaum.  (guest list subject to change)

Tentatively scheduled
12:00 – 12:40  Joe Scott Band
12:45 – 01:25  Jon Conley Duo
01:30 – 02:15  Carol Covell & Lee Covington
02:25 – 03:10  Hanchin-Sarver Brazilian Project
03:20 – 04:00  Book authors Wayne Dementi & Brooks Smith (They will do a 10-copy giveaway of their signed book for pledges of $25 or more)
04:10 – 04:50  Carol Covell, Calvin Farmer, Randy Burton & Matt Harris
04:55 – 05:30  Susan Greenbaum (Grand Finale)

Please come out and not only give what you can to the Red Cross, but support the Positive Vibe Cafe which celebrates graduating their 300th student through their training program.  Two wonderful causes in one day!  All donations will be taken by Red Cross Tins distributed at the restaurant.  Those of you out of town, who wish to help, please make checks to Red Cross for my Haitian Relief Benefit, Richmond, VA.

We can all make a difference and now is the time. The haitian people need so many supplies and prayers NOW.  PLEASE come out to support me in this endeavor. Please give generously.  I look forward to seeing you.  REMEMBER–Great food with a positive mission!

Since there’s a chance of heavy snow this weekend (again??), Covell might reschedule for a later date. More info will be here if that happens.

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Dave Pillsbury has also organized a benefit, this one called Jazz Benefit for Haitian Relief, to be held at Can Can Brasserie in Carytown. It’s set to take place, again depending on the weather, on Sunday, January 31, at 4pm. Covell, who is also participating in this benefit, said:

I’m participating (hopefully-depending on the weather) in another Jazz Benefit for Haitian Relief on Sunday, January 31 at Can-Can Restaurant starting at 4 P.M.  NO COVER.  To date: confirmed bands are The Fan Jazz Quorum – Fred Ostrow & Friends; Toot Sweet Jazz Ensemble: Dave Pillsbury, Carol Covell & Richard Harmon; &  The Haitian Relief Group: miscellaneous musicians – possible jam session.  The restaurant will donate $1.00 for every beverage purchased towards the relief fund.   If interested in participating, please contact Dave Pillsbury at tootsweetjazz AT gmail.com.

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