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Register to vote, support WRIR, drink beer and listen to music

Supporting public radio and voting are two things you definitely should do, live music and beer are optional happy extras.

WRIR and Plan 9 Music present ‘Secretly Y’all – Spin Richmond’

The event looks back on 33-1/3 years of Richmond music history through DJs and storytellers.

WRIR: A decade of stories

After 10 years of broadcasting non-commercial, underrepresented music, news, talk, and opinion, WRIR volunteers share their favorite stories of the station.

Let Your City Speak: Allan Coberly Radio DJ at WRIR 97.3

All over the city, people are creating and inspiring others from this place we like to call home.

Drink at Triple Crossing and benefit WRIR

Beer and music a match made in heaven and bars everywhere.

WRIR wants to build Studio C: The Community’s Studio

A new studio means more live music coming to you over the radio.

Art 180 and Atlas teen center logos

Art 180’s summer teen program at Virginia Rep

Teen artists from Art 180’s summer programs will showcase their video and radio projects during Play/Pause at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, August 5, 2014, at Virginia Repertory Theater.

The voice of RVA’s Total Soccer Show

Soccer in America is better than soccer in England. Don’t believe it? Ask Richmond’s resident soccer-loving Brit.

Church Hill Tunnel petition catches the attention of WRIR

Local advocate Stefanie Lacks was interviewed by the independent radio station last night.

5 Things

At what point are we going to start having things indoors during the summer? Never, I guess! More festivals and outdoor fun for those of us who are interested in finding new places on our bodies that can produce sweat!