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Joe Paterno, Oscars!, and buying local

This week Joe Paterno died, the Oscar nominations were released, and a group tries to encourage local governments to buy locally.

Golden Globes, Rick Perry, and Nate’s Tacos

This week featured the Golden Globes, a couple of political happenings, and a delicious chicken skin taco related item. Week in review!

Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire, a mysterious death in Iran, and Michelle Obama speaks at VCU

Mitt Romney earned himself a fairly sizable win in New Hampshire, further establishing his Republican front-runner status. However, his involvement with Bain has given some people pause. Michelle Obama paid a visit to VCU to build support for a great cause, and what exactly happened over in Iran?

Cellphones, the James River, and Christopher Hitchens

The National Transportation Safety Board wants to ban all cellphone use in vehicles, the final proposals for the riverfront were submitted, and Christopher Hitchens died this week.

Lincolnbeard, the State Fair, and Short Pump Mall

Short Pump Mall pulls their customer tracking program, the State Fair goes bankrupt, and folks have some concerns about how Richmond is handling our mini-Hollywood invasion. Week in Review!

Pepper spray everything, SPORTS, and Short Pump Town Center

Accusation of police brutality at UC Davis, the craziest college football weekend ever, and creepy big-brother tracking is rolled out at Short Pump Town Center. The Week in Review!

JoePa, Rick Perry, and Wilson Ramos

The Big News this week is the firing of Penn State coach Joe Paterno. Also, the National’s catcher has been kidnapped, Ricky Perry’s campaign might have just imploded, and election day! This is your week in review.

Robert Wood found alive! Also: Turkey, deer, and Squirrels

A nine-year-old goes missing in Hanover and is, mindblowingly, found six days later. Plus a major earthquake in Turkey, a deer runs rampant downtown, and the Squirrels aren’t happy.

Folk, Plan 9, Obama, and Gaddafi

A local hangout/landmark files for bankruptcy protection, PotUS stops by, the Folk Festival was awesome, and Libya’s autocratic ruler was killed in their ongoing civil war. This is your week in review!

Al Davis, road rage, and Qwikster (again)

We’ve got something for everyone this week: sports, technology, death, and music. Is there even anything else? I’m not quite sure. Check it out: your week in review!