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…Said no teacher ever

While most teachers are truly devoted to their work, they still experience, shall we say, “job frustrations” like everyone else.

Nonprofits can make videos for the Amazing Raise and win money

Organizers of one the most fun and lucrative fundraising events for nonprofits have added a new way for local organizations to promote themselves and win money.

RVA looks good in new Matthew E. White video

Pairing shots of the city with a song from the debut album of one of RVA’s best musicians.

“It’s not about the nail…”

Jason Headley is getting all kinds of Internet famous thanks to the release of his new web short “It’s Not About the Nail”, a commentary on the communication struggles between men and women. Take a look at it–and let us know if he got it right.

VIDEO: VCU tops Longwood 93-56, post game interviews

Post game interviews after the Longwood game.

VIDEO: VCU vs. Western Kentucky, post game interviews

Coach Shaka Smart and his players were in good spirits after beating Western Kentucky, 76-44.

VIDEO: VCU vs. Alabama, post game interviews

Anthony Grant’s first game in the Siegel Center in four years wasn’t quite the homecoming he expected.

Carry on my wayward son: GWAR covers Kansas

The A.V. Club gets GWAR to cover Kansas’s “Carry on My Wayward Son.” This video is worth watching.

Wayne Powell campaign unveils new TV ad to run on Fox News

Wayne Powell has released a new TV spot that will run during the Republican convention.

Gene Cox’s celebrity news roundup

Well, this is incredible. From Boomer Magazine:

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