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Raising Richmond: What I learned on my summer vacation

Now that vacations are done for the season, here are my untimely travel tips from late summer trips I took with my family. If this advice is too late to be useful for you, just print out this article, fold it into the December section of your day planner, then transfer it to your next year’s day planner for easy access when you take vacations again!

I’m ON vacation

Vacation with kids still means no obligations…but the responsibilities remain.

Raising Richmond: H.A.G.S.

Making the most of those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer…

See you in a few days

I love my kids with all of my being, and sometimes I need to escape from them.

Raising Richmond: Home blech home

Reentry is a bitch. Check out a few tips to help your family fight the post-vacation blues.